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On the road to the Mara

By 9th May 2012 No Comments

So our trip started on a bright but cloudy Sunday morning as I accompanied my group into the Maasai Mara, knowing that it is rainy season we made sure to pack plenty of wet weather gear! In fact, Mother Nature seemed to smile down on us as our days were bright and sunny, and only in the evenings whilst having dinner did we get the rain. That said however, the overnight rain did make game driving in the park that much more of an adventure…..nobody likes to ¬†get stuck in the mud, but when you are surrounded by Lions and Hyenas having a stand-off over a carcass you can’t help but feel that there are worse places to be! Our guide Jackson was superb, and the group and I decided that the only way to describe how great a time we had was to do a visual blog today….so here is some of what we saw….




As I type, we are on our way south towards the border at Namanga, the group comfortable in the back preparing themselves for another amazing few days because next stop is the Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater…..watch this space!

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