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Who Needs the Oscars When you Have Overland Celebrities!

By 27th February 2015 No Comments


Forget the Oscars as we’ve just spotted a new celebrity on Channel Five (UK only, but hit up YouTube for more or tweet ) by the name of Kym Hall.  A previous traveller on our 43-day Kenya to Cape Town overland expedition Kym was sent back to #10000BC to live it large cavegirl style. Recently catapulted into the fame stakes (and yes it’s still on the telly so please tune in) we just had to get in touch and quiz Kym on her previous camping experience in Africa.

News just in the Olduvai Gorge is getting a makeover and an ultra modern museum is in the offing. Early man/woman fans should watch out for updates right here!

So Kym, please introduce yourself. Give us the low down on where you’re from and tell us a little more about yourself…

My name is Kym and I’m from Sheffield in the UK. Four years ago I set off on the epic adventure with Acacia Africa that changed my life forever. I entered Kenya a girl and left South Africa a woman. The skills I learnt on the tour gave me the confidence and skills to go on the #10000BC adventure and take part in this unique social experiment.

Having been on one of our overland tours, did your previous experience in Africa make you jump at the chance of going back to #10000BC?

Travelling overland helped me to understand the real meaning of the world around us and gain a massive appreciation for Mother Nature. She can be a beast and if you don’t respect her she can be evil. I’m an absolute city girl and before going on the tour I had no idea how to pitch a tent. But after all of those days camping under the stars I was an expert. The skills I leant on the trip certainly helped me get through the #10000BC experience.

How does it feel to be a celebrity? (and have you been rubbing shoulders with other famous adventurous types, yes we just want to know) If not who is your favourite celebrity adventurer and why?

It’s all a bit surreal to be honest. Getting recognised in the supermarket when I’m dressed in gym clothes and no makeup on really isn’t a joy! But it’s great to hear from those I’ve inspired. My one mission in life is to make a difference. My favourite adventurer has to be Ed Stafford. That guy has grit and determination. I’d love him to teach me all he knows.

You‘ve camped out in the true wilderness of the Serengeti, how does your recent experience compare?

The nights spent camping in the Serengeti are something I will never forget. They were something so special it’s difficult to translate into words. My 43 day expedition not only gave me the physical skills to get through #10000BC it helped me mentally. I remember camping in the national park. It was very early into the tour and I was missing home. I remember the dark night. We couldn’t use lights as it might have attracted animals. It was here where I really decided to embrace the experience and from that moment on I felt like Africa was my second home. It was a seriously amazing adventure and I would recommend it to everyone.

What was your biggest moment on #10000BC in your eyes?

This has to be the fact that I beat thousands of people to be one of the 20 people selected to go through this experiment. I’m so proud of my accomplishment. But surviving #10000BC in freezing temperatures with no food has to be my proudest moment. It was incredibly tough both physically and mentally.

Did you use any tips and tricks from your overland adventure on the show?

Organisation was top of my list. That’s the most important thing I learnt from my overland experience in Africa. I brought people together to start on the fire whilst we went and collected water. I remembered the essentials. We would often rock up late to campsites  on the continent as that’s T.I.A. and if we hadn’t packed things away properly the night before it would take us ten times longer to get settled in and eat. With this in mind I set to work as soon as we got off the truck. I was like a mini dictator in there!

After your stint on the show, should visiting the Olduvai Gorge (birthplace of early man) be top of the list in Africa?

If it weren’t for my friends and friends all being here in the UK I would pack my bags and move over to Tanzania tomorrow, and I can tell you visiting the Olduvai Gorge would be right at the top of my list, then revisiting Vic Falls.

Visiting the Olduvai Gorge is an option on our Accommodated Overland expeditions