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The Getting Stamped travel blog team are currently out in Africa, the couple about to finish up their 18-day Mountain Gorillas To The Mara camping overland expedition.  Expert writers and photographers the couple will also be joining us on our first 14-day Mozambique & Zimbabwe departing on the 25th June.  Book now, as there are only limited seats available and if you’re thinking about becoming a travel blogger yourself, here are few top tips from Getting Stamped to get you started.

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Join the club: We are members of several online travel communities – a great tool in this business. If you have any travel related questions you will have several responses within minutes. Communities are ideal for bloggers who are just starting out as many other members will have been posting for years and they are a good sounding board when you’re getting your blog off the ground.  We also participate in many twitter chats, which helps get our brand “Getting Stamped” out there and at the same time they open up our eyes to new ideas and destinations.

Be patient: You can’t go into blogging and expect to profit after hitting publish on your first post. Newcomers should plan to spend many months working hard at their keyboard before seeing any real rewards. Content has to come first. Developing good content is step one. Produce something people will want to read and entice them to come back for more.

Must have travel technology: Great imagery is essential for a successful travel blog.  We have a rather large technology bag, and we couldn’t live without everything in it. Currently we carry two computers, three cameras with multiple lenses/attachments, an unlocked smartphone, iPod and external hard drive etc. Our cameras are always rolling, or at least that’s the way it feels. I love my smartphone, as it gives me access to email, Facebook and Instagram so we can respond and interact with everyone instantly. We take tons of photos so an external hard drive is a must. I wouldn’t cheap out on the smart phone. In some countries we run our entire website from the phone when WIFI is terrible. Adam wouldn’t skimp on the camera and equipment because you can’t go see all of these amazing sights and not take the best photo you can.

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