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Prince Harry is about to embark on a three month volunteer stint to save Africa’s endangered black rhino  and as we near the summer we’re sure quite a few of you will be considering taking on similar options. Our voluntours cover healthcare, community and wildlife so there are plenty of ways to give back. Part of a longer overland tour we also combine our trips with some great game viewing along the way.


Want to do more for the continent? Here are a few #TravelTuesday tips to consider before you book:

What’s your budget & schedule: You don’t have to spend three months as a volunteer to make a difference.  Shorter voluntours will give you the opportunity to play a hands on role in an organisation and provide valuable support for example, researching and monitoring wildlife.

Make an Impact: Are you really up for a voluntour? Decide whether you really want to give back or simply travel as you need to be committed even if it’s for a short period of time. There are some oganisations which will give you the opportunity to volunteer for a day and project visits still bring much needed funds to worthy organisations.

Keep it Local: Projects that also employ local labour and benefit communities  should be first on your list. Great voluntours support the interests of the African people and wildlife first.

Provide maximum input: Consider what your weaknesses and strengths are and choose a voluntour where you can step it up in terms of your interests and skill set.

Do your research: How much of my money is going back into the project?  Check on the facts and figures to ensure your money is going where it’s needed.

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