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As from the 1 July 2016, the Ugandan Government has introduced a new online visa application system.

All persons departing from Uganda (starting/ ending a tour in Kampala, Uganda) are required to apply online for a visa and applications can be obtained at the following link.

This means the online Uganda visa application is only required for Acacia’s Troop to the Gorillas tour (TTG6/A) and for other Short Safari and Treks. All information about the documents required to obtain an online visa is found via the following link.

It has been confirmed to us that clients starting from or travelling through Nairobi, Kenya before entering Uganda are able to apply for and purchase the East African visa at port of entry. The East Africa visa covers three countries: Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda, and once obtained removes the need to apply separately for a visa for Uganda.

However please note: when entering Kenya, clients must ensure that they ask for and obtain the East Africa visa, not the visa for Kenya alone. Kenyan immigration officials will issue the EA visa but it must be requested by the client first.

We recommend clients check with their local consulates or with Acacia approximately one month before travel in case of future change.

For more information contact Uganda Tourism Board:

Tel:+256 (0) 414 342 196/7

E:info@utb.go.ug| W:www.visituganda.com