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New Direct Flights to Durban
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BA will fly to Durban three times a week from 29th October 2018, offering the only direct route to the destination from the UK.

Durban Beachfront_22018 Will Be The “Greatest “Shoal” on Earth!
The KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board has announced increased sardine activity that has not been observed so near to the area in a number of years.

The announcement was made after an observational flight to Port St Johns on June 14, that revealed activity in the area between Waterfall Bluff and Port St Johns.

Between the months of May and July, although sometimes through to August, sardines travel up the South African coastline. Leaving from as far south as Cape Point, shoals consisting of thousands of sardines swim towards Kwa-Zulu Natal.

The sheer volume of sardines brings with it a number of other marine species including dolphins, sharks, Bryde’s whales, Cape gannets and seagulls.

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Image by Marine Dynamics

Image by Marine Dynamics

White Shark Cage Diving Gets Thumbs Up From Conservationists
Recent feedback from marine biologists working with MarineDynamics and the Dyer Island Conservation Trust in Gansbaai, South Africa suggests that White Shark Cage Diving is not affecting the behaviour and numbers of these large predators. In fact, they say conservation efforts are only boosted by tourism.

Alison Towner, a Marine Biologist who has studied white sharks in South Africa for 12 years, works with the shark-cage operator and helps to educate tourists on sharks, while at the same time, collecting data and samples.

Towner’s research on the movement of sharks in the area has examined the interaction between sharks and the cage-diving boats. “We found with each shark that we tracked that all of them visited shark cage-diving boats at some point, but there was no extended effect.”

Towner believes cage diving offers a unique perspective on sharks and it can help to show how different they are from their reputation and change opinions, by highlighting how vulnerable sharks are, how endangered they are.

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Image by Marin Dynamics

Image by Marin Dynamics