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Zambia Wildlife
Great news for anyone with Zambia on their safari wishlist, the government announced on July 10, that it would restock five of its national parks with wildlife during the course of the year, so you can expect to enjoy even more spectacular game drives. The parks are to be restocked with 1,361 species, such as Black rhino, impala, buffalo, White rhino, hartebeest and zebra.

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Uganda Bans Plastic
President Yoweri Museveni has imposed a ban on the use of polythene bags in Uganda and has further advised 45 manufacturers to stop producing items with harmful plastics. Uganda is now the third African country to ban the use, sale, and manufacturing of plastic bags. the announcement was made on World Environment Day.

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Prince Harry & Meghan visit Mandela exhibition in London
Prince Harry and his new wife Meghan visited an exhibition marking 100 years since the birth of former South African President Nelson Mandela on 17 July. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex met friends and family of the anti-apartheid campaigner who died in 2013, including his grand-daughter Zamaswazi Dlamini-Mandela. The Nelson Mandela Centenary Exhibition at Southbank Centre’s Queen Elizabeth Hall in south London, UK is free to the public and runs until August 19.

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