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Today’s travellers are no longer tourists on the outside looking in,

they are keen explorers who crave authentic encounters. 

Come and embrace the heart and soul of Africa with us as we promise to take you on a life-changing journey where you will discover fascinating cultures, traditions and perspectives.

Hone your survival skills in Botswana with the San Bushmen, learn to leap with the Maasai in Tanzania, dance it out with the Swazi people in Eswatini, practice carpentry with the locals in Malawi, and depending on the time of year, perhaps even try to sheer a sheep in Lesotho.

Only a snapshot of the possibilities, there is a rich tapestry of tribes, languages and traditions wrapped up in East and Southern Africa, the locals often acting as your guides. This not only enriches your experience, by helping you to connect the dots between faces and places, it gives you a grassroots appreciation of your journey, as you see the country you are visiting through the eyes of the people who live there.

Your opportunity to engage with the real Africa – now’s the time to switch off, connect with Africa and forget about the ‘gram!