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In today’s world, travel has become more than a holiday. It has become a shared personal experience

Your Journey in Africa is an inspiration to the people who long to identify with more than what has previously confined them

Your Journey in Africa = connection

connect to VALUES

connect to PEOPLE

connect to your PURPOSE

Taking photos while on tour has a snowball effect. In a good way.

Posting your photos to social media is a way of saving them in a forever bubble. Safe from fire, decay and forgotten dusty photo albums.

Memories preserved just a login away

But it’s not only that, should you share these photos with friends, family and followers you are equally sharing your voice. Your values and your purpose.

You are creating awareness

The chance to be an activist has morphed into social media platforms which can reach across the globe – AND – get your voice heard.

This sharing of experiences has not only created communities where people can connect and share their lives, but it can also shine the spotlight on significant social and environmental issues.

Carrie Miller, How Instagram Is Changing Travel

Did you know the majority of young travellers today use social media to get inspired for their next adventure?

87% of young travellers ( read more here).

That is someone seeing Your Journey content as inspiration, sparking an interest in travel.

Less than 10 clicks later – that someone is obtaining their ticket to experience that location.

Your Journey in Africa has the power to shape and impact African Tourism.

Help the African economy to grow and positively affect the people of the land.

Travel gives us the power to look at the world with a fresh pair of eyes and gain a better understanding of each other.  

Come with us and discover ancient cultures and new ways of thinking.

Challenge your perspective, embrace the diversity and feel at one with the people of Africa.

Grassroots travel all the way, Acacia adventures includes opportunities to share in traditions and culture and engage with locals on village visits.

Your journey is powerful

You have the opportunity to inspire billions of active users across the social networking space as they relive your trip with you.

That means this is more than a holiday in Africa, you’re building an awareness of the social and environmental causes that matter, and proving we can all make a difference.

Together we make travel to the continent appealing and attainable, for everyone, our viral inspiration also growing the African economy and benefiting the African people.

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