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Guest Posts

AcaciaGuest PostsNamibiaOverland
29th March 2017

Experience Chills & Thrills at Etosha!

Image by: Coralie Giraudet - ThePathSheTook Namibia has a longer peak wildlife viewing season (May to December) than other countries in Southern Africa, Cora from @thepathshetook visiting in November. With…
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Image by: Coralie Giraudet - ThePathSheTook
AcaciaGuest PostsNamibiaOverland
22nd March 2017

Dune Walking With @thepathshetook

Image by: Coralie Giraudet - ThePathSheTook Cora from @thepathshetook,  says Namibia’s dunes are straight out of a Dali painting.  Not to be missed, get a full on appreciation of this…
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AcaciaGuest PostsNamibiaOverland
15th March 2017

Discover Swakopmund’s Secrets With @thepathshetook

Image by: Coralie Giraudet, ThePathSheTook Visit Swakopmund, or “Swakop” as the locals like to call it with Cora from @thepathshetook. From the winding alleyways of Windhoek to the sweeping sands…
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AcaciaGuest PostsNamibiaOverland
8th March 2017

Why Switch From Solo To Group Travel

Image by: Coralie Giraudet - ThePathSheTook Changing from independent travel to a group tour was a major change for Cora from @thepathshetook. Find out why overland travel is often the…
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AcaciaGuest PostsOverlandZimbabwe
22nd February 2017

Fighting Extinction: Matopos Rhino Experience

It felt like a scene you might watch on a wildlife documentary. We were stooped over, shuffling through grass and brush, our eyes darting between the powerful creature we were…
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Cape Buffalo lounge along the banks of the Chobe River in Chobe National Park.
AcaciaBotswanaGuest PostsOverland
15th February 2017

Exploring Chobe National Park!

The water lapping the hull of our pontoon boat had the appearance of being peaceful. It’s silky ribbons almost tempting one to swim and escape the scorch of the Botswana…
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AcaciaGuest PostsNamibiaOverland
8th February 2017

Namibia’s Fish River Canyon!

The grand splendor of Namibia’s Fish River Canyon; among one of the world’s largest canyons. The crunch of the gravel road softened and with a pop and hiss the brakes…
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AcaciaBotswanaGuest PostsNamibiaOverland
1st February 2017

Living Exploration: An African Overland Adventure

In the night sky over Botswana, Africa, a solitary light arcs across a backdrop of stars. Fingers point and mouths open at the unfolding spectacle. The light is the International…
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