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What’s cooking on route?

No visit to Africa is completed without indulging in some of its delicious cuisines. One of the delightful things about African food is it is simple, but tasty that has been combined with many flavors from many nations around the world when the early traders moved on the spice rich route around Africa.

We, at Acacia Africa take time to learn to cook these suburb local cuisines on an open fire, which is shared with hundreds and thousands of people that join us on board for the adventure of a life time. Our Acacia crew will be sending 1 favorite recipe of the month to share. Cooking for 24-26 people can be challenging, but I am not going to deny it… totally fun! This month:

Chicken Potjie & Salad Overland style!

Fit for a king and 24-26 people!

7kg or 2 pieces of chicken each

4 (1kg) boxes of Cous Cous

1 bag of carrots

8 potatoes

1 butternut

2 sweet potatoes

5 onions

1 head of garlic

Mixed herbs, salt and Pepper,

1 375 ml coke cola

Fry the onions in oil. Add the chicken and brown. Add the coke cola, herbs, garlic, salt pepper to taste (maybe a bit of chilli) Cook for 30 minutes add lay the veggies on top of the meat. Place the lid on and simmer on coals for 45 minutes stirring occasionally and adding (Water) if needed.

Cous Cous – In a large bowl add the cous cous, herbs, garlic and salt and pepper – Add boiling water just covering the dry cous cous.  Using a fork lift and stir the cous cous. Add water to build texture. Let stand for 10 minutes once soaked and serve.

Vegetarian – In a pot add a selection of season veggies, a small amount of coke cola, herbs and garlic and simmer on light coals  for 40 minutes. Served with Cous Cous

Salads: Add a raw spinach salad with plum tomatoes, avocado (in season) and pickled onions

Dessert: Fresh fruit salad and plain Yoghurt – bananas, apples, oranges, paw paw and mangos – Any seasonal fruits found on route. Topped with a  dollop of plain yoghurt!

We can’t guarantee what recipe the crew will send for next month, so stay tuned!

Written by: Michelle Lewis – Acacia Sales/Marketing

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