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“Misty Abseiling” anyone?

Nothing says follow me on Instagram like scoring a travel first, so here’s where to head…

As the old saying goes, it’s all about “location, location, location,” and the Victoria Falls has to top the list as one of the most scenic locations in the world – the largest falling curtain of water on the planet a must-see on many of our overland tours and small group safaris.

Victoria_Falls_AiriaLNow you can see the falls at their finest in an even more thrilling way, as scenic abseiling is the latest adrenaline-charged activity to launch at the site of the World Wonder.

Comfort Chinengundu, Director of Abseil Victoria Falls, says, “this is the most scenic abseiling site in the world with the backdrop of Victoria Falls, Boiling Pot and the Victoria Falls Bridge.”

Absail Victoria Falls_JPGA safety briefing is done prior to the activity and you will be kitted out in full body harness, ready to abseil 100m down to the bottom, taking in the surrounding scenic views. You will eventually land on the apron of flat solid rock overlooking the Boiling Pot and you’ll be able to view the awesome Falls from below.

Said to be “a scenic experience that is next to none,” during the hot months you will be greeted with a refreshing breeze coming straight from the Falls themselves.

Bragging rights assured: only afforded to those who dare, the unique view is exclusively only possible from this location and those standing at the Boiling Pot on the Zambian side will not have access to the same dramatic vista due to the curve of the Gorge.

Absail Victoria Falls_2Once at the bottom, you’ll be unhooked from the ropes and have the opportunity to explore the area, giving you time to relax and take in the exclusive vantage points – the amazing Zambezi white water rapids a mere stone’s throw away.

Your insta-following will be off the charts as (for an additional fee) the activity is professionally photographed and filmed using a 360-degree camera to capture you and the unique scenery.

The only question now is when to get wet? The activity is offered daily from 08h00 to 17h00 with ten slots an hour during high water and 16 during low water. Complimentary transfers are offered from all hotels and lodges around Victoria Falls town centre. Refreshments offered include mineral water, soft drinks and juices.

Absail Victoria Falls_3The price of the activity is $65 (abseiling only). The price excludes the rainforest entrance fee.

Please note: abseiling, is an eco-friendly tourism product in line with the country’s dream of making Victoria Falls a green destination. Abseil Victoria Falls is planning to plant trees around the site to keep it as natural as possible.