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Are you planning that first big trip together? Before you hit the “book now” button, here are a few pointers from Acacia’s Michelle Lewis, a self-confessed travel-aholic and expert at travel planning for two…

Walking with Children_Carlos Eduardo (3)1. Travel is always going to be a learning curve in any relationship. When you’re outside of your comfort zone and faced with new situations, any small problems will be instantly magnified so you need to be honest with each other about your expectations for the trip.

Walking with Children_Carlos Eduardo (4)2. Practice makes perfect.  If you’ve only ever enjoyed a weekend together and suddenly you’re about to embark on months of travelling, why not start off with a group tour? This way you can break yourself into the trip gently before enjoying coupledom on the open road. Hooking up with family and friends along your route can also help to refuel your relationship.

Walking with Children_Carlos Eduardo (1)3. Be clear from the outset about your interests. Some couples might want to simply laze by the beach, but others will be complete opposites with their partner wanting to book every available adrenaline activity. If you’re upfront with each other at the beginning it’s a good recipe for spending healthy time apart rather than time apart because you need to cool down.

Walking with Children_Carlos Eduardo (6)4. It’s true, some of us are planners and others happy to go with the flow, but when it comes to travelling together, especially for longer periods, you need to make a joint effort.  Put simply, the couple who plans together stays together.

Walking with Children_Carlos Eduardo (5)5. Don’t over-romanticise the idea of the trip.  Be kind to yourself and learn to forgive each other as arguments can and do happen – that’s just a fact of life.

Walking with Children_Carlos Eduardo (7)If you’re both hooked on Africa check out our overland tours and small group safaris and get to know each other better out on the road.

Walking with Children_Carlos Eduardo (8)Our website will also allow you to search by type of tour, country, highlights, length of trip and budget, so we can help fine tune the perfect trip and (hopefully) keep you together on your travels.

Australian, Michelle Lewis is a frequent traveller with her husband especially within South Africa – where she now lives and works. Michelle has always loved the thrill of the open road and she experienced life as a tour leader for Acacia before finding her feet on the Sales and Marketing team.  Her first love is Africa – Michelle’s motto, “whether it’s by truck, bus, train, boat, or plane – never stop travelling!”

Images by Carlos Eduardo