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It’s expected to be one of 2019’s biggest trends, and we’re riding the wave as more people are travelling solo on our tours. Proof this is no fad, Hitwise, the UK’s largest online behavioural research tool, reported a 143% increase in ‘solo travel’ searches over the past three years.

If you’re one of this growing number of travellers, we’re guessing you enjoy your own company and that’s why you like to journey across the globe solo, but we’re sure that doesn’t stop you from wanting to form friendships with other likeminded nomads. On our camping overland tours we have no requirement for the single supplement and here are five reasons why joining our group adventures will make your trip through southern and East Africa even more extraordinary…

Writing blog posts takes second place to sharing experiences out on the road, whether you’ve just taken on the world’s highest commercial bungee jump in South Africa’s Tsitsikamma National Park or enjoyed a woodworking lesson with the locals at Malawi’s Chitimba beach. Relive the moment, bask in the excitement and share your story round the campfire.

If you’re flying solo, a scenic flight over the delta will cost you more than if you are booking as a a group, so you can ease up on those expenses and experience more by going overland. A win-win, share the costs with your new found friends and “most importantly” rack up more once-in-a-lifetime bucket list adventures.

Having a good mix of group activities and free “me” time to follow your own path was listed as one of the top three reasons why solo travellers love our camping overland tours.

It’s great to know a few handy words and phrases before you travel as it gives you more opportunity to engage with the locals, but being with a group helps to cushion the culture shock, a very real deal for first time solo travellers, our tours and trip mates easing you into your new found destination.

Find your own tribe: we have a strict age policy on our overland tours, everyone travelling with us aged between 18-39 years. Over 39? Ask us about our small group safaris.