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Giraffes Now An Endangered Species In Kenya

Giraffes were recently declared critically endangered in Kenya. Bloomberg reported that according to Kenya Wildlife Service, the country has lost 40% of its giraffe population in the past 30 years. Only 659 Rothschild’s giraffes remain. Keen to find a solution to the crisis, the Kenyan government has launched a land-use programme to secure the habitats of endangered giraffes – the National Recovery and Action Plan for Giraffe set up to combat the decline of the animals due to poaching, habitat loss and climate-shock diseases.
Serengeti and Ngorongoro NP game drive and wildlife (30)Three species of giraffe have been added to the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species, namely the Kordofan and Nubian giraffes as “critically endangered” and the reticulated giraffe as “endangered”.

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Ben Fogle spends the weekend with Anti-Poaching Unit for new TV series
Award-winning Broadcaster and adventurer, Ben Fogle has been spending time with anti-poaching units in South Africa for his TV series, New Lives in the Wild – calling for the creation of a ‘global conservation police’ who could act as new ‘planet guardians’.

Fogle told his Instagram followers he would be spending a weekend working with one of the country’s many anti-poaching units, which are ‘privately funded to protect Africa’s embattled wildlife from poaching which threatens animals around the world’.

Fogle explained the poachers they tackle are heavily armed and are often backed by sophisticated technology to track down animals.

Referring to the situation not only as a ‘crisis’, but also a ‘war’, Fogle said the anti-poaching unit needed more funding.

As part of the Channel 5 series New Lives in the Wild, which showcases the lives of people who have ‘turned their back on the daily grind’, Fogle has visited everywhere from Alaska, Texas and the Appalachian Mountains in the US, through to the Himalayan Foothills in India and the Swedish Arctic Circle. It has not yet been confirmed when the programme in South Africa will air.

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Source: Ladbible

Africa overland safaris BotswanaZambia’s Wild Dog Conservation Projects Have Bite
After recent wild dog conservation success, the Luangwa Valley is now estimated to have the largest population of wild dogs in the whole of Zambia. Despite being one of Africa’s most endangered carnivores, wild dogs (also known as the painted wolf) in and around the South Luangwa National Park have enjoyed several years of increasing numbers, and the population in the Luangwa Valley currently stands at approximately 350 adults and yearlings.

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