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Of all the options, choose diversity.

Diversity matters

The more you explore, the more you learn, the more you relate to the world

We believe in embracing diversity and accepting that everyone is different

So should your travels,

Be Diverse.


Of all the options, choose diversity.

Acacia Africa have been in the travel industry for 25 years, witnessed the fluid changes on all levels of diversity: environmental, cultural, social constructs & awakenings.

As the world grows, Acacia Africa grows with it, in acceptance and respect.
Experiential diversity is synonymous with identities of growth and understanding.

Diversity is everything.

We’re all for it.

What does it mean to you?

For us, the main purpose of offering and welcoming diversity is to open the minds and hearts of our travellers. To assist and support their journey in exploring and sharing empathy. For the friends made on tour and the many different individuals and collective cultures they encounter.

How does one destroy ignorance and prejudice? By taking in as much knowledge and understanding as one can. Putting our heads up to observe more than our own opinion. We celebrate individualism as much as we cherish the unity of people around the world.


There are a wide range of diverse tour styles to choose from. Within those tours there are an array of activities; both cultural and adventurous. We want to offer a product that is different and expanding. In terms of broadening horizons with unique experiences that impact the individual on a meaningful level.

“Although our discoveries are not new to the world, they are new to each of us. They are personal and resonate with our soul. They inspire us to explore more and encourage others to explore when shared. Exploration yields discovery and discovery inspires further exploration. It’s a cycle that repeats.”

“Our overland adventure allows us to humbly understand what it means to explore while making the discoveries that only Africa can offer. This is living exploration.”

James & Jayleen Johnson, Simple Discoveries