Solitaire, Namibia

Solitaire is a small settlement in the Khomas Region of central Namibia near the Namib-Naukluft National Park. The area was named Solitaire (meaning, a single set diamond and solitude or loneliness) by the wife of the original homesteader, Willem Christoffel van Coller, who purchased the farm in 1948, a total of 33,000 hectares of land to farm sheep. For most of the year Solitaire is the proverbial one horse town, but during the tourist season it becomes very busy . Aside from a gasoline station, there's a post office, a famed bakery serving the best apple crumble in Namibia, a lodge and a general dealer. Solitaire gained an amount of interest following the publication of the book "Solitaire" by Dutch author Ton van der Lee. The book has inspired many tourists to make the pilgrimage to this remote and unique outpost.

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