39-day Gorillas to Victoria Falls (Accommodated)

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Embrace the magic of Africa


This epic small group adventure accommodated tour will take you gorilla and chimpanzee trekking in Uganda, game watching in world renowned 'Big 5' game reserves, the Maasai Mara, Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater. Experience diverse cultures such as the Maasai and chill on the beaches of Zanzibar and Lake Malawi.

This tour is available as a camping option too - check out our camping tour section for more! This tour includes Gorilla and Chimp Trekking. This is paid at the time of booking - please see supplements for pricing.

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Day 1. Nairobi to Lake Nakuru National Park Highlights. Lake Nakuru, Kenya. Accommodation. Punda Millias.

Leaving the bustling city of Nairobi behind, we descend into the ‘Great Rift Valley’, an enormous cleft in the Earth’s surface stretching from the Red Sea to the Zambezi valley and stop at a lookout point to take in the magnificent views.

Our overnight stop is near the quaint Lake Nakuru National Park, a relatively small park (by African standards) however prolific in wildlife. The shallow soda lake attracts a huge variety of birdlife – especially flamingos and it is also home to buffalo, lion, rhino (black and white), leopard, warthog, baboon, antelope, and a variety of smaller animals.

Experience a delightful introduction to East Africa’s wildlife diversity that we search for in an afternoon game drive making use of local guides and smaller safari vehicles.

Day 2. Lake Nakuru National Park to Eldoret Accommodation. Naiberi Camp.

Travelling on, we climb at altitude today as we travel to the town of Eldoret crossing from the Southern to Northern Hemisphere over the Equator. We spend the evening on the outskirts of Eldoret, Kenya's fifth largest town with a population of around 194,000.

Day 3. Eldoret to Kampala, Uganda Highlights. Kampala, Uganda. Accommodation. Red Chilli Hideaway, Kampala.

We cross into Uganda, Winston Churchill’s ‘Pearl of Africa’, a country with beautiful natural scenery and a rich mosaic of tribes and cultures – and friendly people.

After crossing the busy border with it's whizzing boda-boda taxi's and colourful vendors, we make our way through the countryside dotted with small villages and settlements to the capital city, Kampala.

Our first night we stay outside the capital Kampala, an attractive hilly city, bustling with roadside traders, markets and busy matatu (mini-bus taxi) stands.

Day 4. Kampala to Queen Elizabeth National Park area Accommodation. Simba Camp, Uganda.

Rising early, we leave Kampala and travel west towards Queen Elizabeth National Park, crossing the Equator again, through fertile green terraced hillsides and steep mountains. From our adventure vehicle, we should see herds of Ankole cattle with their incredible long curving horns roaming the roads and paddocks.

We stay a short distance from the Queen Elizabeth National Park. Here you will have the opportunity to enjoy the late afternoon at leisure to explore the area.

Day 5. Queen Elizabeth National Park, Chimpanzee Trek Highlights. Chimpanzee Trek, Kyambura Gorge, Uganda. Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda. Accommodation. Simba Camp, Uganda.

We enter Queen Elizabeth National Park today and make our way to Kyambura Gorge where we trek for the chimpanzees. Unlike their larger cousins, the mountain gorilla, chimps live mostly in the trees and so our viewing consists mainly of peering high into the forest canopy. Predictably, the experience of seeing man’s closest relative in the wild is a memorable one.

The Queen Elizabeth National Park has over 500 species of bird and 100 species of mammals, making it one of the most bio diverse national parks in the world. If we are lucky, we may get to spot some of these animals en route and after the chimpanzee trek.

Day 6. Queen Elizabeth National Park to Lake Bunyoni Highlights. Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda. Accommodation. Lake Bunyonyi Camp.

Today, it's off to the lush and stunning Lake Bunyonyi (‘Place of many little birds’). Nestled high up in the volcanic mountainside, this lake is 27km long, 7km wide and at an elevation of 1950 metres above sea level, and is surrounded by undulating hills between 2200m to 2478m high. With a depth of nearly 900m, this lake is the second deepest lake in Africa (the deepest being Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania).

There are many optional activities to do especially boat based activities on the lake.

Over the next two days the group will be split, with one group trekking to the mountain gorillas while the others stay at Lake Bunyonyi to enjoy the many activities on offer.

Day 7-8. Lake Bunyoni - Gorilla Trek Highlights. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda. Mountain gorillas. Accommodation. Lake Bunyonyi Camp.

The next couple of days are spent trekking the mountain gorillas or at leisure where you can relax or enjoy the many optional activities on offer - visit local tribes and villages, visiting the local orphanage, as well as bird watching, boat trips and nature walks. Alternatively just relax, catch up on your travel diary or postcards to home, or sorting through your photos of your trip so far.

Day 9. Lake Bunyonyi to Kampala Highlights. Equator. Accommodation. Red Chilli Hideaway, Kampala.

Leaving early, we travel through spectacular scenery, crossing the Equator again to Kampala. If time allows this evening, explore the majestic city by night, mingle with the local people, known as the friendliest in Africa and sample some of the local cuisines.

Day 10. Kampala to Jinja Highlights. Jinja, Uganda. Accommodation. Nile River Explorer.

We leave the bustling capital, Kampala, and travel the short distance to the town of Jinja on the banks of Lake Victoria and the Nile.

It was in 1862 that the British explorer John Hanning Speke recognised Lake Victoria as the ‘source of the Nile'. From his modest monument on the banks, the White Nile begins its 4132-mile course through Uganda, Sudan and eventually Egypt to the Mediterranean Sea.

We spend the next two days here with various optional activities to participate on such as bungee jumping, quad biking, white water rafting, community school project, kayaking, mountain biking and more.

Day 11-12. Jinja Accommodation. Nile River Explorer.

The next two days are free for you to relax on the banks of the Nile, explore the surrounding community or enjoy the many optional activities available. There is also the opportunity to make some difference to local children at a local school project: ‘Softpower’. This is a locally run volunteer programme aimed at building and improving schools in the area of Jinja.

Day 13. Jinja to Eldoret, Kenya Accommodation. Naiberi Camp.

Leaving Jinja behind, we make our way across the border to Kenya and retracing our footsteps to Eldoret.

Day 14. Eldoret to Nairobi Accommodation. Wildebeest Eco Camp, Nairobi.

Travelling south we soak up the magnificent views of the Great Rift valley en-route to Nairobi, Kenya's capital. We spend the next two nights in the city area allowing time to explore the highlights of the city and the many optional activities on offer.

Day 15. Nairobi Highlights. Nairobi. Accommodation. Wildebeest Eco Camp, Nairobi.

Today is a free day to explore Nairobi. Visit the bustling markets in the city centre, try local cuisine in the many restaurants and local eateries or make a visit to Nairobi National Park, Daphne Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage, and the Giraffe Centre.

Day 16. Nairobi to Maasai Mara National Reserve Accommodation. Enchoro Wildlife Camp, Masai Mara.

We depart the city early and make our way across the Great Rift Valley floor to the Maasai Mara National Reserve. At 1 510 square km, the Maasai Mara National Reserve is a land of endless plains and an abundant wildlife, inhabiting all year-round as well as the two million animals that make up the Great Migration. The Masai Mara National Reserve was named after the Maasai people who inhabit the area, and for the Mara River, which flows through this great reserve.

We spend two nights camping on the edge of the Reserve with time to explore the park on morning and afternoon game drives.

Day 17. Maasai Mara National Reserve Highlights. Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya. Accommodation. Enchoro Wildlife Camp, Masai Mara.

Today we enter the reserve's gates with our eagle-eyed driver at the wheel scanning the surrounding scene in search of the resident wildlife.

With 95 species of mammals including the 'Big 5' - rhino, elephant, leopard, lion and buffalo and over 570 recorded species of birds, we game drive in search for these magnificent animals and birds, pausing for a lunch in between.

Day 18. Maasai Mara National Reserve to Nairobi Accommodation. Wildebeest Eco Camp, Nairobi.

Retracing our steps back across the Great Rift Valley, we head back to Nairobi where we will spend our last evening in Kenya.

Day 19. Nairobi to Arusha, Tanzania Highlights. Maasai Culture Village Walk, Arusha, Tanzania. Meserani Snake Park, Tanzania. Accommodation. Meserani Snake Park.

Today we head south and drive to the border, crossing at the Namanga border post into Tanzania. Our first stop is Arusha, situated mid-way between Cape Town and Cairo and known as Tanzania’s ‘safari capital’ - a bustling city with colourful markets and shops to explore.

After a brief stop, we make our way to our accommodation for the night on the open plains to the west of the city. It is from here that we prepare for our two night/three day excursion to the Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro Crater. This afternoon we enjoy a walk to one of the local Maasai villages.

Day 20. Arusha to Serengeti National Park Highlights. Serengeti National Park, Tanzania. Accommodation. Serengeti Camp.

Packed and ready, we transfer to the 4x4 game vehicles and drive west across the Great Rift Valley, passing through Mto Wa Mbo (‘mosquito creek’) and ascending onto the higher plateau.

We enter the Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area and drive around the Crater’s rim and on down onto the Serengeti plains entering the park at Naabi Gate.

Home to an enormous variety of grazing animals, predators, and birdlife, we game drive through the southern section of the park to our designated (but unfenced) camp where we spend the night under canvas for the ultimate wilderness experience.

Day 21. Ngorongoro Crater Accommodation. Simba Camp, Ngorongoro Crater.

Rising early, we drive out in search of game - lions, leopard, giraffe, hippo, buffalo, wildebeest and Zebra, just to name a few.

After our game drive we pack up camp and head back to the Crater where we ascend the outer wall of the Ngorongoro Crater to our camp on the rim. Here wildlife is also free to roam and it is not uncommon to have zebra grazing on the grassed campsite.

At 326 square kilometres, the Ngorongoro Crater is Africa’s largest intact caldera and a prized World Heritage Site. If the view from the rim (2400 metres above sea level) is spectacular, the site from the Crater floor (some 600 metres below) is equally enjoyable.

Day 22. Ngorongoro Crater to Arusha Highlights. Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania. Accommodation. Meserani Snake Park.

Waking to the majestic views over the crater rim, we board our 4x4 vehicles and descend the steep dirt road into the base of the Crater for a morning of game driving. All of the large mammals are present except giraffe (which cannot manage the steep slopes leading down to the Crater floor).

After our game drive in this spectacular wildlife haven, we ascend the steep side back to our campsite, pack up and have lunch before retracing our steps to Arusha and our campsite at the Meserani Snake Park.

Day 23. Arusha to Bagamoyo Highlights. Bagamoyo, Tanzania. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Accommodation. Firefly Camp.

We head south via Moshi to Bagamoyo on the Tanzanian coast. If the weather is clear we will be afforded a view of the magnificent snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak (5895m).

The quaint town of Bagamoyo was founded at the end of the 18th century and was one of the most significant trading ports along the East African coast. Our accommodation for the evening is nestled close by to the palm-fringed beaches of the warm Indian Ocean.

Day 24. Bagamoyo to Dar es Salaam Highlights. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Accommodation. Kipepeo Beach Village, Dar es Salaam.

We wake to the sound of the lapping ocean and after breakfast, we take the coastal road south to the bustling port city of Dar es Salaam. Enjoy seeing the many dwellings, shops and settlements along the way each presenting different wares to would be sellers.

Our accommodation is on the beach to the south of the city where we can prepare for our excursion to Zanzibar.

Day 25. Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar Highlights. Stone Town, Zanzibar, Tanzania. Accommodation. All Seasons Hotel, Zanzibar.

With our bags packed, we drive to the port and board our ferry to the tropical haven of Zanzibar. This Archipelago Island was the base of the great 19th century explorers such as John Hanning Speke, Richard Burton and David Livingstone and once was a major trading centre of spices. The Arabian influence is evident in the architecture and diverse street stall offerings of the capital, Stone Town. We spend our first in the capital, exploring by foot the unique cobbled alleyways, bazaars, mosques, palaces and sampling traditional Zanzibari cuisine.

Day 26-27. Zanzibar Highlights. Zanzibar, Northern Beaches, Tanzania. Accommodation. Sunset Bungalows Kendwa.

After breakfast, we transfer to the northern beaches from Stone Town for the next two nights and if you wish, join an optional spice tour en-route to sample some of the local fruits, spices, and teas.

Relax on the sun-kissed beaches of Kendwa, take an optional diving trip to the rich colorful reefs or grab a snorkel and goggles to explore these from above. The beach is a great place to try local cuisine, sample a tropical fruit cocktail at one of the beach bars that dot the water's edge or catch up with the locals who will pass by selling their wares, offering henna tattoos and inexpensive massages.

Day 28. Zanzibar to Dar es Salaam Accommodation. Kipepeo Beach Village, Dar es Salaam.

We have the morning to do any last minute shopping in Stone Town or enjoy one last swim before catching the ferry back to the African mainland and Dar es Salaam and onwards to our accommodation on the coast for the evening.

Day 29. Dar es Salaam to Mikumi Highlights. Mikumi National Park, Tanzania. Accommodation. Tanswiss, Mikumi.

We leave the coast and bustling city of Dar es Salaam behind and travel inland through Mikumi National Park. At 3,230 km², this stunning park is the 5th largest park in the country and home to the 'Big 5'- leopard, lion, buffalo, elephant, and rhino together with numerous species of antelope. We may, with luck, spot some of these animals near the side of the road as we drive through the park and to our accommodation for the evening located just outside of the park gates.

Day 30. Mikumi to Iringa Accommodation. Iringa Farmhouse.

Travelling across the baobab valley on onto the Tanzanian highlands, our destination is the Kisolanza Farm near the town of Iringa. At an altitude of 1600m this stunning farm ensures a pleasant fresh climate in one of the most scenic areas in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania.

Home to the Ghaui family for over 70 years, Kisolanza remains a working farm providing organic produce to the surrounding markets as well as Dar es Salaam. The farm house is a well-known spot to stay and is the overnight near our mid-way point for our journey from the ocean to the Malawi border.

Day 31. Iringa to Chitimba Beach, Malawi Highlights. Lake Malawi, Malawi. Accommodation. Chitimba Camp, Lake Malawi.

Rising early, we leave Kisolonza farm and make our way through lush mountain passes, rich grazing land, and banana and tea plantations to Malawi.

Lake Malawi formerly ‘Lake Nyasa’ is the third largest lake in Africa and covers almost a fifth of the country’s area and has the highest number of endemic freshwater fish species of any in the world.

Our accommodation for the next two nights is at Chitimba Beach, on the banks of the lake where you have the opportunity to explore the beauty of the area, mingle with the local community or enjoy the many optional activities on offer.

Day 32. Chitimba Beach Highlights. Livingstonia Day Hike, Malawi. Accommodation. Chitimba Camp, Lake Malawi.

Today, take a leisurely village walk or do the full day hiking trip to Manchewe Falls and Livingstonia Mission where, after an 11km hike, you can cool off in a natural bath overlooking magnificent views.

Alternatively, visit the local craft market where you can enjoy learning the ins and outs of the game of Bao, haggle for some souvenirs or simply relax by the shimmering waters of the beach admiring the locals as they fish and tend to their day to day duties.

Day 33. Chitimba Beach to Kande Beach Accommodation. Kande Beach, Malawi.

We leave Chitimba Beach behind and make our way south through lush fertile lands, and rubber plantations to Mzuzu, the third largest town in Malawi. After a short stop to explore the local markets, we travel south to Kande Beach and our accommodation for the next two nights.

Day 34. Kande Beach Highlights. Kande Beach Activities, Malawi. Accommodation. Kande Beach, Malawi.

Today you’ll have some free time to try some of the water sports available including diving, snorkelling, paddle boats and horse riding along the beach. Or simply relax and enjoy the warm fresh waters of Lake Malawi. There is the opportunity to partake on an optional guided Village Walk, to gain insight into their way of life or you can simply head out and explore the lakeside, craft market and meet some of the locals that play on the water's edge.

Day 35. Kande Beach to Chipata, Zambia Accommodation. Mamarula Camp.

We continue our journey today, crossing into Zambia and to the frontier town Chipata. Formally named Fort Jamerson, the border town has a population of approx 98,000, and is the capital of Zambia’s Eastern Province. Our accommodation is situated a short distance from the town center and its here we can settle into our rooms, relax by the pool and have a cool beverage at the bar.

Day 36. Chipata to Lusaka Highlights. Lusaka, Zambia. Accommodation. Eureka Camp, Lusaka.

We take the Great Eastern Road travelling through the bushveld dotted with Mopane woodland, small villages and across the Luangwa River to Lusaka, Zambia’s capital. Lusaka is Southern Africa’s fastest growing city with approx 1.7m inhabitants, located on Zambia’s southern plateau at an elevation of 1300m.

Our accommodation for the evening is set in a tranquil and relaxing setting on a farm outside the main city center.

Day 37. Lusaka to Livingstone Highlights. Victoria Falls - Mosi oa Tunya National Park, Zambia. Accommodation. The Zambezi Waterfront, Livingstone.

Leaving the capital behind, we head south to Livingstone and our accommodation at the Victoria Falls Waterfront, set on the banks of the Zambezi River, just a few kilometers from the Victoria Falls of which we visit.

At various times of year the spray from the ‘Falls’ can be seen from up to 20 or 30 kilometers away, hence the local name Mosi oa Tunya – the ‘smoke that thunders’.

The accommodation management provides information on all activities available in the area (typically these include rafting, canoeing, bungee, abseiling, gorge swinging, horse riding, scenic flights, river cruises), allowing you to plan your time accordingly over the next few nights.

Day 38. Livingstone Highlights. Livingstone Activities, Zambia. Accommodation. The Zambezi Waterfront, Livingstone.

We have a free day in Livingstone today to explore the town, pop over to neighbouring Zimbabwe or enjoy the many optional activities on offer such as rafting, bungee jumping, river cruises, flights over the falls, just to name a few.

Day 39. Livingstone

Today our tour ends after breakfast. We suggest booking post-tour accommodation to stay an extra couple of days to explore the town of Livingstone and to partake in the many activities on offer.

Suggested Pre-Tour Accommodation.

Hotel Boulevard, Nairobi

Conveniently located on Nairobi's Harry Thuku Road and set in manicured gardens, this hotel offers a peaceful oasis in the centre of town. Walking distance to shops and craft markets. Rooms – single, twin, double en suite rooms with balcony and satellite TV. Facilities – restaurant, bar, swimming pool, internet, laundry. Transfers are available from the Airport by pre-arrangement

Double Room Swimming pool Twin Room Bathroom

* Suggested pre and post tour accommodation can be booked together with your tour. Please enquire at the time of booking.

Suggested Post-Tour Accommodation.
The Zambezi Waterfront, Livingstone

Situated on the banks of the Zambezi River, The Zambezi Waterfront has an array of accommodation from pre-erected tents, to private en suite waterfront chalets set in spacious grounds. There is a lively bar with river views and a booking office if there are any additional activities around Victoria Falls that you might want to book. single and double pre-erected tents with shared facilities, twin and family en suite chalets, camping. restaurant, bar, plunge pool, activity booking office, internet. Transfers are available from the Airport by pre-arrangement

Viewing deck pool Viewing deck over Zambezi Permanent tents Campsite with pool Twin Room Double Room En-suite bathroom Restaurant and bar area

* Suggested pre and post tour accommodation can be booked together with your tour. Please enquire at the time of booking.

Additional Info

38 Breakfasts, 31 Lunches, 31 Dinners

36 nights twin share accommodation, 2 night bush camping at Serengeti/Ngorongoro (equipment supplied).

Fully Equipped Acacia Safari Vehicle
Accommodation as Specified and Cooking Equipment
All Road Tolls and Vehicle Taxes
All Ground Transportation
Sleeping Bag, Mattress, and Pillow (Serengeti, 1 Night, Ngorongoro Crater, 1 Night)
Meals as Indicated
Services of Two Crew

Included Highlights:
The Great Rift Valley
Lake Nakuru National Park, Open Vehicle Game Drive with Resident Guide*
Equator Crossing
Queen Elizabeth National Park, Chimpanzee Trekking**
Lake Bunyonyi
Mountain Gorilla Trekking**
Maasai Mara Excursion in Purpose Built Safari Vehicles, Game Drives with Resident Guide*
Maasai Village Walk with Resident Guide
Serengeti & Ngorongoro Crater Excursion in Purpose Built Safari Vehicles, Game Drives with Resident Guide*
Zanzibar, Return Ferry & Accommodation
Mosi Oa Tunya National Park, Victoria Falls Visit

*Highlights are included in the Adventure Pass
**Subject to purchasing gorilla & chimpanzee permits
Adventure Pass Activities and Excursions (Mandatory)
Travel Insurance
Departure Taxes
Airport Transfers
Sleeping Bag
Optional Activities
Drinks, Tips
Items of a Personal Nature
Meals Not Indicated
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1510 USD

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