Kenya to South Africa (Accommodated) (47 Days)

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Suitable for Ages: 18 to 39. Group Size: 24

A culture, ocean and wildlife-rich tour covering 8 African countries

This epic adventure tour covers the best of Southern and Eastern Africa. From the famed National Parks - Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Maasai Mara, Matobo, Kruger, and Addo to the many cultural experiences along the way. Wallow in the azure waters of the Indian Ocean and explore the ancient forests. This tour offers everything and more!

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Day 1. Nairobi to Maasai Mara National Reserve Highlights. Great Rift Valley. Accommodation. Maasai Mara Camp.

Our overland tour starts with a 3 day/ 2 nights safari into the Maasai Mara Game Reserve. We board pop-top safari vehicles with a resident guide at the wheel and drive across the vast Great Rift Valley, pausing at the viewpoint to marvel the dormant volcanos, vast escarpments and valley floor.

From the Rift Valley viewpoint we head on via Narok to the Masai lands where you will see the Maasai people in their Manyatta as we go.

We spend two nights camping on the edge of the unfenced reserve with the sounds of the wilderness to enjoy tonight.

Day 2. Maasai Mara National Reserve Highlights. Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya. Accommodation. Maasai Mara Camp.

At 1510 the Maasai Mara is known as the jewel of Kenya due to the abundance of wildlife in the reserve including the annual migration where 1.5 million hooved venture from the Serengeti Plains to the greener pastures of the Masai Mara.

We rise early and make our way into the park. Home to the 95 species of mammals, amphibians and reptiles and over 400 bird species recorded on the reserve, we game drive a full day pausing for lunch in search for the wildlife in this area. During the months of July to October we may be able to see the great migration as the herds gather in the Masai Mara in search of fresh grazing. This is a spectacular sight to behold. During the other months of the year there is also a sizeable population of resident wildlife to see and game viewing in the Mara is spectacular throughout the year.

Day 3. Masai Mara to Nairobi Highlights. Nairobi. Accommodation. Karen Camp, Nairobi.

It’s time to leave the Masai Mara and retrace our steps across the vast valley floor of the Great Rift Valley to Nairobi where we will overnight.

Tonight you'll have some free time to explore the city - head out for dinner at the famous Carnivore Restuarant (for meat lovers) and enjoy the hospitality of Kenya's capital city.

Day 4. Nairobi to Arusha, Tanzania Highlights. Maasai Village Walk, Arusha, Tanzania. Accommodation. Meserani Snake Park.

Today, our journey takes us across the border of Kenya to Tanzania and to Arusha, the halfway point from Cairo to Cape Town and located beneath the twin peaks of the volcanic Mt Meru, Africa’s 5th highest mountain.

Our accommodation is outside the city where we visit the Meserani snake park and view some of Southern and Eastern Africa’s most deadly snakes, other reptiles and rescued birds. We also take a guided tour of a local Maasai settlement to gain insight into the traditions of the Maasai tribe.

Day 5. Arusha to Serengeti National Park Accommodation. Serengeti Camp.

We board our 4x4 safari vehicles with a knowledgeable local guide at the wheel for a 2 night/ 3-day excursion into the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater. First we must travel across the Great Rift Valley and enter the Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area. Our journey takes us around the rim of the crater, marvelling its sheer size and down onto the adjacent Serengeti National Park.

At 30,000, the Serengeti is most famous for the annual migration where over 1.6 million hooved animals - including wildebeest, gazelle and zebra - migrate across the savannah in search of fresh grazing. The migration continues throughout the year as they follow the rains for greener pastures.

We game drive across the plains in search of the predators who follow in the wake of the migration, and seek out the elephants, hippo, giraffe and other wildlife as we make our way to our bush camp for the evening. Tonight you'll be immersed in the wilderness with the night sounds of the wild to keep you company.

Day 6. Serengeti National Park to Ngorongoro Crater Highlights. Serengeti National Park, Tanzania. Accommodation. Simba Camp, Ngorongoro Crater.

Predators are most often active in the early hours of the morning - we wake early in the morning and game drive in hope to take a glimpse of these magestic animals in their natural environment together with the grazing animals on the plains.

After our rewarding morning drive, we ascend the outer walls of the Ngorongoro Crater to our campsite situated on the Crater rim. At 16km in diameter, with walls of 400-610m in height, the Ngorongoro is Africa’s largest intact caldera and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Day 7. Ngorongoro Crater to Arusha Highlights. Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania. Accommodation. Meserani Snake Park.

This morning we rise early, enjoying the fresh air at the higher altitude, and we board our 4x4 vehicles and wind our way down the steep road to the crater floor. Home to the ‘Big Five’ (leopard, lion, elephant, buffalo, and rhino), numerous species of antelope and prolific birdlife including the colourful flamingos that flock to the soda lake, this is wildlife haven! With your camera and binoculars at hand, we enjoy a morning game drive spotting as much as we can along the way.

After our morning of adventure, we return to Arusha and the Meserani Snake Park to overnight, arriving in the late afternoon.

Day 8. Arusha to Bagamoyo Highlights. Bagamoyo, Tanzania. Accommodation. Firefly Camp.

We depart early and journey via the bustling town of Moshi situated at the foot of Kilimanjaro. As we travel further south, we hope to glimpse the snow-capped ‘Kilimanjaro’ at 5895 metres high - the highest freestanding mountain in the world.

We continue to the warm azure waters of the Indian Ocean and settle into our accommodation close to the beach. Bagamoyo is surrounded by a mix of German and Arabian architecture with thick walls and ornately carved doors and was one of the most important trading ports in the whole of East Africa during colonial times. If time allows, explore the beaches and interesting buildings of the town by foot.

Day 9. Bagamoyo to Dar es Salaam Highlights. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Accommodation. Kipepeo Beach Village, Dar es Salaam.

Today, we head to the bustling city of Dar es Salaam, the gateway to Zanzibar, and a melting pot of Arabian, European and African influences.

Our accommodation is based to the south of the city on a lovely long stretch of beach. This evening we pack for our 3-day Zanzibar excursion and enjoy the tranquil sounds of the waves lapping the shore.

Day 10. Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar Island Highlights. Stone Town, Zanzibar, Tanzania. Zanzibar, Tanzania. Accommodation. Mazsons Hotel, Stone Town.

Leaving camp, we transfer to the ferry dock and board a fast ferry to Zanzibar. The main port is in Stone Town, the capital of Zanzibar, where we enjoy a night to submerse ourselves in the rich culture, and explore the winding alleys, bustling bazaars, mosques, fort and grand palace. We typically spend 1 night in Stone Town to explore this historical town before transferring to the northern beaches.

Day 11 - 12. Zanzibar Highlights. Zanzibar, Northern Beaches, Tanzania. Accommodation. Sunset Bungalows Kendwa.

Our journey takes us to the north of the Island. Along the way, we have the opportunity to join an optional cultural and spice tour to learn about this rich culture and history of the spice trading.

Our accommodation for the next two nights is located on the beautiful white sandy beaches, thriving coral reefs and turquoise waters of Kendwa – a tropical haven. Optional activities include scuba diving, visiting the local aquarium, and dhow snorkelling trips. Alternatively, simply relax at the resort’s beachside restaurant in a hammock with a good book and delicious drink!

Day 13. Zanzibar to Dar es Salaam Accommodation. Kipepeo Beach Village, Dar es Salaam.

We bid farewell to the beach and transfer to the Port of Stone Town to take the ferry to the Mainland. We spend our last night at the beach before our journey takes inland again tomorrow.

Day 14. Dar es Salaam to Mikumi Highlights. Mikumi National Park, Tanzania. Accommodation. Tanswiss, Mikumi.

Departing early through the hustle and bustle of the city, we head west to the Mikumi National Park. At 3230 sq. km, this is Tanzania’s fourth largest National Park and home to the ‘Big 5’. Our route runs through the northern section of the Park and we may, with luck, spot some wildlife alongside the road as we travel through. Our accommodation for the night is located just outside the park at the town of Mikumi. Relax and unwind or take an optional late afternoon game into the Mikumi National Park park to view the resident wildlife.

Day 15. Mikumi to Iringa Accommodation. Iringa Farmhouse.

We continue west and travel thought the magnificent Baobab Valley through African savannah dotted with Baobab trees and village settlements. Our destination is the farming community at Iringa in the Southern Highlands. We spend the night at the lovely and rustic Kizalonza farm house, owned by the Ghaui family for over 70 years. This farm is at an altitude of 1600m ensuring a pleasant fresh climate and stunning views. We overnight here in the charming accommodation provided on the farm.

Tonight we can indulge in some chocolate brownies and Amarula hot chocolate made fresh on the farm.

Day 16. Iringa to Chitimba Beach, Malawi Highlights. Chitimba Beach. Accommodation. Chitimba Camp, Lake Malawi.

Leaving Tanzania behind, we make our way to Malawi formally known as Nyasaland. This beautiful country is well-known for its friendly people and the extraordinary Lake Malawi, the third largest fresh water lake in Africa. Set on the shores of the lake lies Chitimba Beach, a rustic camp with remarkable views. It’s here we spend the next two nights exploring the area, playing beach volleyball, exploring the curio markets or simply relaxing on the beach in this tranquil setting.

Day 17. Chitimba Beach Highlights. Lake Malawi, Malawi. Livingstonia Day Hike, Malawi. Accommodation. Chitimba Camp, Lake Malawi.

Today is a free day. Spend the day soaking up the sun on the sandy beaches or if you're feeling adventurous, take a hike to Manchewe Waterfalls - the highest waterfall in Malawi at 120 metres. Also visit the nearby Livingstonia mission which was founded by David Livingstone on his travels to this region. Alternatively, enjoy the company of the local wood carvers at the market where you can learn to make your own souvenir.

Day 18. Chitimba to Kande Beach Accommodation. Kande Beach, Malawi.

Rising early, we take the southern road past Mzuzu, the capital of Northern Malawi province, to our next destination at Kande Beach. Lake Malawi is home to over 500 species of Cichlids (freshwater tropical fish) which we can see on a diving or snorkelling excursion. We spend the next two days enjoying the many optional activities of the area including boat based activities, snorkelling, scuba diving, horse riding and village experiences.

Day 19. Kande Beach Highlights. Kande Beach Activities, Malawi. Accommodation. Kande Beach, Malawi.

Today is a free day for you to take a break and explore. Take the opportunity to meet the local people at the village to gain insight into their ways of life, or you can simply head out and explore the lakeside and craft market. The camp offers a beachside restaurant and a bar area with comfy hamocks and beach chairs for those that are keen to read a good book and sip an icy cold beverage.

At night you'll see the local fishermen head out in their wooden canoes with their lanterns to attract fish, lighting the inky darkness with hundreds of specs of light. A truly beautiful sight!

Day 20. Kande Beach to Chipata, Zambia Accommodation. Mamarula Camp.

With a heavy heart we leave the lakeside and travel through central Malawi to cross over to Zambia. A short distance from the border lies the small frontier town, Chipata. Formally named Fort Jamerson, this border town has a population of approx. 98,000, and is the capital of Zambia’s Eastern Province.

Our accommodation is situated a short distance from the town centre itself.

Day 21. Chipata to Lusaka Highlights. Lusaka, Zambia. Accommodation. Eureka Camp, Lusaka.

Our next stop is Lusaka, the capital of Zambia. We take the Great Eastern Road through the countryside passing many smaller villages in the outlying rural areas and cross the Luangwa River over the impressive Luangwa bridge.

This evening we arrive to Lusaka where we stay on a farm to the south of the city. This farm has wildebeest, impalas zebras and many more species of antelope roaming the grounds.

Day 22. Lusaka to Livingstone Highlights. Victoria Falls - Mosi oa Tunya National Park, Zambia. Accommodation. The Zambezi Waterfront, Livingstone.

Continueing on, we make our way south to Livingstone, the adventure capital of Zambia! Settling in at our accommodation on the banks of the mighty Zambezi River, just a few kilometres from Victoria Falls, we are introduced to a variety of optional activities on offer here.

A visit to the falls itself is included today to see the impressive waterfall as it plummets over the the rocky edge into the Batoka Gorge. In the drier season there are a number of waterfalls cascading down making for a picturesque view of the gorge. At high water expect to get soaked in the spray of the falls - it's no wonder they are nicknamed 'Mosi oa Tunya' - the smoke that thunders!

Day 23 - 25. Livingstone Highlights. Livingstone Activities, Zambia. Accommodation. The Zambezi Waterfront, Livingstone.

We have some free time in Livingstone to enjoy activities or relax at the camp. There are various optional activities available including rafting, flight over the falls, canoeing, bungee, abseiling, gorge swinging, horse riding and river cruises. Apart from the numerous adventure activities, check out the markets, volunteer for a day at a school, visit the museum, sample the local restaurants and cafes, or relax at the beautiful waterfront deck overlooking the Zambezi River.

Day 26. Livingstone to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe Highlights. Bulawayo. Accommodation. Burkes Paradise.

Departing Livingstone, we cross the border to Zimbabwe and journey on to Bulawayo, the second largest city in the country. This afternoon we have some time to explore the city with its wide avenues and colonial architecture.

Day 27. Matobo National Park Highlights. Matobo National Park, Zimbabwe. Accommodation. Burkes Paradise.

Rising early, we board open 4x4 safari vehicles and drive to Matobo National Park. This park is well-known for the Matobo Hills, a mass of boulder-rock formations created by erosion of the granite plateau. It is also home to significant populations of black and white rhino, Sable antelope and the black eagle.

We venture into the park for a game drive and provided conditions are right, our guides will lead us on foot to some of the more concealed places in search of these magnificent animals.

After lunch there is an optional excursion to include Rhodes memorial and some cultural aspects of the area.

Day 28. Bulawayo to Tshipise, South Africa Highlights. Tshipise, South Africa. Accommodation. Forever Resorts, Tshipise.

Leaving Bulawayo, we continue south to the border at Beitbridge - South Africa's busiest land border crossing the Limpopo River. From here its off to Tshipise, a town situated in the northern Limpopo Province.

Our accommodation is located at a stunning resort at the foot of one of Limpopo’s rolling hills set adjacent the Honnet Nature Reserve. Tshipise resort is home to a natural hot spring and a number of pools to enjoy the warm waters in.

Day 29. Tshipise - Hazyview Highlights. Shangaan tribal dancing . Accommodation. Hotel Numbi.

Travelling through the bushveld we pass through smaller towns and settlements as we make our way to Hazyview in the Greater Kruger area.

The Kruger National Park is renowned as a superior wildlife conservation area. In recent years, neighboring private reserves have opened their borders allowing a natural migration of animals across these natural wilderness areas.

Tonight we get a glimpse into the local Shangaan tradition with a tribal dancing show at our camp.

Day 30. Hazyview – Kruger National Park Highlights. Kruger National Park, South Africa. Accommodation. Hotel Numbi.

Waking early and prepare for our day out in Kruger. Our local guides collect us in their open 4x4 safari vehicles and we make our way into the National Park in search for the ‘Big Five’. Almost every major African mammal (148 species) is present. There is also prolific birdlife (over 505 species) and over 330 varieties of trees.

We break in the heat of the day at a local restcamp in the national park. Thereafter we continue on our wildlife search ending in the late afternoon when we head back to our camp.

Day 31. Kruger National Park – Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary, Swaziland Highlights. Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary, Swaziland. Accommodation. Mlilwane.

Bidding farewell to South Africa we cross the border into Swaziland (Eswatini) and traverse the lush mountain ranges to Ezulwini Valley where the lovely Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary is located. We spend two nights here exploring the area with its exceptional wildlife including zebra, wildebeest, kudu, warthog, hippo and crocodile.

Our accommodation is inside the reserve in traditional beehive huts allowing us to explore the area to the fullest.

Day 32. The Kingdom of Swaziland Highlights. Swaziland Cultural Village, Ezulwini Valley. Accommodation. Mlilwane.

This morning we drive a short distance to visit a local Swazi Village for an informative cultural experience, giving you an insight into the ways of life in rural Swaziland.

The afternoon is free to enjoy time at leisure to explore the reserve's many optional activities - horseback trails, game drives, mountain-bike riding and guided walks.

Day 33. Swaziland – St Lucia, South Africa Highlights. St Lucia River Cruise, South Africa. Accommodation. Monzi.

Today we re-enter South Africa and travel to St Lucia on the northern Kwazulu Natal coast. It's here we explore the idyllic beaches and the tropical estuary on an afternoon river cruise in search of the prolific wildlife of the area. Seek out the majestic African Fish Eagle sitting high in the tree, and the voluptous hippos wallowing in the lagoon.

Day 34. St Lucia to Durban Accommodation. Road Lodge, Umhlanga.

This morning we have time to explore this quaint town of St Lucia before heading to the port city of Durban. It’s here we have the opportunity to explore the famed golden beaches, trendy cafes, intriguing cultural heritage and fun-filled leisure activities.

Our accommodation for the next two nights is located north of Durban at Umhlanga. It is from here that we can explore the sights and enjoy the beaches tomorrow.

Day 35. Durban Highlights. Durban City . Accommodation. Road Lodge, Umhlanga.

Today is a free day to explore the Durban area. Walk on the promenade of the Golden Mile - a four-mile-long beach bordering Durban's City Centre. Here you'll get a taste of Durban's beauty, from Blue Flag beaches, colourful rickshaws riding up and down the streets and restaurants offering a variety of dishes with a view. There are many optional activities to enjoy - uShaka Marine World and Moses Mabhida stadium which offers 360 degrees views of the city.

Day 36. Durban – Underberg Area Accommodation. Sani Lodge.

We rise early and leaving the warm Indian Ocean air behind and travel through lush mountainous countryside to our camp for the next two nights at Underberg. Bordering the uKhahlamba Drakensberg Park, the lodge is perfectly located to enjoy the wonderful scenery of the surrounding mountains.

Day 37. Sani Pass Highlights. Sani Pass Excursion. Accommodation. Sani Lodge.

Today we enjoy an excursion of the Sani Pass. Boarding our 4x4 safari vehicles, we wind up the steep slopes of the Drakensberg into the Sani Pass taking in the fresh mountain air and the extraordinary views. Along the way we visit a living Basotho village to see how the locals tend to their cattle in the rural highlands. We pause for lunch and continue to the highest pub in South Africa. It’s here we enjoy a beverage with a view before retracing our steps back to our accommodation for the evening.

Day 38. Underberg to Northern Drakensberg via Battlefields Highlights. Battlefields - South Africa. Accommodation. Amphitheatre Lodge.

Making our way along the foot of the Drakensberg Mountains we travel to the historic KwaZulu Natal Battlefields. Learn about the epic battles that took place here with the Zulu, Boer and British soldiers on our visit to the historic sites.

Thereafter we continue to the northern Drakensberg and settle into our accommodation for the next two nights.

Day 39. Drakensberg Highlights. Drakensberg Mountains, South Africa. Royal Natal National Park, South Africa. Accommodation. Amphitheatre Lodge.

A short drive this morning takes us to the Royal Natal National Park, a leading reserve offering scenic views and dramatic waterfalls which we explore by foot or horseback (optional) today. A visit to the Amphitheatre is a must, as is the Tugela Falls, the second highest waterfall in the world.

Spend the day out in the open exploring the pathways of the Drakensberg and see the majestic views out over the surrounding countryside.

Day 40. Drakensberg to Malealea, Lesotho Accommodation. Malealea Lodge.

After an early breakfast, we head off to re-enter Lesotho at the Maseru Bridge and travel south to Malealea Lodge in the Mafeteng District. Set in a tranquil setting amidst the rolling hills, this amazing place offers plenty of optional activities that you can enjoy – pony trekking, waterfalls, village walks, hikes and more.

Day 41. Malealea Highlights. Malealea Activities. Accommodation. Malealea Lodge.

Waking to the sounds of rural Africa, we have a free day today to explore this beautiful area by foot, bike, pony. Alternatively, join a village tour to meet the local Basotho people as they tend to their day to day life in this mountinous region.

The 'Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho' is the highest country in the world - it's lowest point at 1400m, however over 80 percent of the country lies at an altitude of over 1800m. We spend the day enjoying the majestic views out over the countryside and relaxing in the fresh mountain air.

Day 42. Malealea to Mountain Zebra National Park Highlights. Mountain Zebra NP. Accommodation. Mountain Zebra National Park.

Descending the Mountain Kingdom, we cross back into South Africa and make our way to the Mountain Zebra National Park near Cradock. This park is home to over 700 animals including the lion, cheetah, rhino and the Cape mountain zebra after which the park was named. We game drive in our overland truck this aftertoon and coninue to our accommodation located inside the National Park.

Day 43. Mountain Zebra National Park – Addo Elephant National Park – Port Elizabeth Area Highlights. Addo Elephant National Park, South Africa. Accommodation. Willow's Resort, Port Elizabeth.

After an early breakfast, we have a short game drive out of the park again and then head for the Addo Elephant National Park.

This finely tuned ecosystem is a sanctuary to over 600 elephants, 400 Cape buffalo, a variety of antelope species, as well as the unique flightless dung beetle, found almost exclusively in Addo. We game drive in our overland truck in search of wildlife before we continue on to our overnight stay in Port Elizabeth.

Day 44. Port Elizabeth area – Storms River via Tsitsikamma Forest Highlights. Tsitsikamma National Park, South Africa. Accommodation. Tube 'n Axe Lodge, Storms River.

We travel south and enter the famed ‘Garden Route’ as we make our way to Storms River in the Tsitsikamma National Park. This area is well-known for its dramatic coastal scenery, reefs, rivers and indigenous forests. At the Tsitsikamma National Park, enjoy a walk on the suspension bridge, take a nature hike, or opt for a black water tubing experience on the Storms River. For the adrenaline seekers there is the option to jump off the highest bungee in the world, at 217 metres.

Day 45. Storms River - Oudtshoorn Highlights. Cango Caves, South Africa. Accommodation. Kleinplaas.

After breakfast, we’re off to Oudtshoorn in the Klein Karoo, the ostrich capital of the world. This town is home to the spectacular Cango Caves, Africa's largest show cave system. Here we see the finest dripstone caverns with their vast halls and towering formations, on a guided tour.

The afternoon is at leisure to enjoy some free time at the pool, or head out on an optional visit to one of the local farms.

Day 46. Oudtshoorn – Hermanus Highlights. Cape Agulhas Light House, South Africa. Hermanus, South Africa. Accommodation. Hermanus Backpackers.

Leaving the Karoo behind, we make our way to the coast at Hermanus. Along the way we visit Cape Aughulus, the most southern tip of Africa, where the Indian and Atlantic oceans meet. After a photo stop, we continue along the coast to Hermanus.

Hermanus is known as the whale-watching destination (July-October) and a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. We spend the night here exploring the town’s vibrant restaurants and local bars.

Day 47. Hermanus – Cape Town Highlights. Cape Town, South Africa. Cape Winelands, South Africa.

A free morning in Hermanus gives us ample opportunity to join a whale watching tour or explore the town’s variety of shops and boardwalk on foot.

Leaving Hermanus we make our way along the coastal roads stopping off at a winery to taste some of the local wines of the area enroute. After some wine tasting, we complete our journey to Cape Town where our tour ends on arrival.

Suggested Pre-Tour Accommodation.

Hotel Boulevard, Nairobi

Conveniently located on Nairobi's Harry Thuku Road and set in manicured gardens, this hotel offers a peaceful oasis in the centre of town. Walking distance to shops and craft markets. Rooms – single, twin, double en suite rooms with balcony and satellite TV. Facilities – restaurant, bar, swimming pool, internet, laundry. Transfers are available from the Airport by pre-arrangement

* Suggested pre and post tour accommodation can be booked together with your tour. Please enquire at the time of booking.

Suggested Post-Tour Accommodation.
Ashanti Lodge, Gardens, Cape Town

Situated at the foot of Table Mountain and in walking distances to the city centre, Ashanti Lodge Backpackers in Gardens is your gateway to Cape Town. This gorgeous Victorian Mansion offers backpacker dormitories to single, double and twin rooms with shared bathroom facilities. Chill next to the stunning pool, join the party in the legendary Kumasi Café/Bar with its cool cocktails, tasty food and fabulous mountain views or go explore the city's highlights close by.

* Suggested pre and post tour accommodation can be booked together with your tour. Please enquire at the time of booking.

Additional Info

This tour departs Nairobi early on day 1; we strongly recommend therefore that you plan to arrive the day before departure to overcome any jet-lag and to acclimatise to Africa. We would be happy to book pre-tour accommodation for you – please call or email us (or speak to your agent) with your arrival details and accommodation requirements. However please book early to avoid disappointment and the risk of having to find more expensive (or less convenient) lodgings.

If time allows, we also suggest planning a night or two extra (after your tour) to make the most of this part of Africa. Accommodation is usually available locally on arrival but you can pre-book this with Acacia or your agent. There is a variety of activities and excursions in the Cape Town area’s that can be arranged locally.

These are optional activities that are booked during your holiday and paid directly to the provider while on tour. These options offer a variety of experiences and allow you the freedom to decide what activities you would like to do.

Twin share accommodation with facilities (42 nights), twin share tented camp (2 nights), twin shared tents with bedding and with basic facilities (2 nights). Some may be with bar or swimming pool. In Maasai Mara, we use multi-shared tented camp with en-suite facilities. In the Serengeti & Ngorongoro Crater, there are basic facilities.

24-seater, self-contained, custom-built safari truck with on-board tables, plug sockets, freezer, water tank, library, i-pod jack, safety features and 70-litre individual lockers, 4x4 safari vehicle and fast ferry.

In order to maximise the quality of game driving and to comply with local authority rulings, some of our National Park visits and game viewing is carried out using services provided by local African ground handlers. As well as enhancing our experience using local guides and smaller vehicles it also allows us to contribute at a ‘grassroots’ level to local economies from which local people benefit.

This is a participation tour and your help will be needed in assisting with the various day to day duties, such as shopping, cooking and keeping the truck tidy (usually on a rota basis). But don’t worry it’s not all hard work and it’s a great way to meet the local people and get to know your fellow travellers. Your contribution benefits the success of the tour - most people find the greater their involvement, the greater their enjoyment of the whole trip. Our accommodated tour option travels together with the camping counterpart.

46 Breakfasts, 37 Lunches, 36 Dinners

42 nights twin share accommodation, 2 night pre-erected; 2 night bush camping at Serengeti/Ngorongoro (equipment supplied).

Fully equipped safari vehicle
Accommodation as specified and cooking equipment
All road tolls and vehicle taxes
All ground transportation
Meals as indicated
Services of two crew

Included Highlights:
Maasai Mara Excursion with small vehicle*
Maasai Village Walk with Resident Guide
Serengeti & Ngorongoro Crater Excursion in Purpose Built Vehicles, Game Drives with Resident Guide*
Zanzibar, Return Ferry & Accommodation
Mosi Oa Tunya NP, Victoria Falls Visit
Matobo National Park, Open Vehicle Game Drive and Wilderness Walk with Resident Guide*
Shangaan Cultural Evening
2 Days, Kruger NP, Game Drives with resident guide*
Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary
Royal Enclosure/ Swaziland Village
St Lucia Boat Cruise*
Sani Pass Excursion*
Royal Natal National Park
Drakensberg Mountains
Mountain Zebra National Park Game Drive
Addo Elephant NP, Game Drives
Garden Route
Cango Caves, Visit*
Cape Agulhas
Wine Tasting

*Highlights are included in the Adventure Pass
Travel insurance
Departure taxes
Airport transfers
Optional activities
Drinks, tips
Items of a personal nature
Lunch and dinners on Zanzibar, Livingstone, Nairobi and Durban
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Adventure Pass

Every Overland tour has an Adventure Pass which is paid to your tour leader in Africa at the beginning of the tour (or pre-paid by arrangement prior to your tour). This is separate and in addition to the Tour Price, and covers selected park entries, activities and excursions along the way where payment goes directly to the supplier to ensure local suppliers benefit directly from the income.

1730 USD or 1870 USD * (If prepaid)

* This pass is a compulsory add-on for this tour.

The Adventure Pass for this tour includes

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