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Calming waterfalls, other-wordly backdrops, and wildlife vistas that will take your breath away, all of these and more make Africa food for the soul.  Feast your eyes on today’s top ten chill-ax spots and enjoy some R&R courtesy of Mother Nature…

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Known as the “Place of Little Birds,” Lake Bunyoni  is our base for gorilla trekking and home to 29 islands, many of which are uninhabited.  This makes it an ideal place to kick back when you’re not making safari memories with the silverback and his band. Hire a kayak and venture across the lake for a tranquil, island picnic or take a birding walk (over 200 species recorded) and head off in search of the Crested Crane, Uganda’s national bird.


Take on the most famous hike in South Africa, accessing the highest escarpment in one day and witnessing, the Tugela Falls the tallest waterfall in Africa, and second highest on the planet. Before making the two-hour descent in the Drakensberg Mountains, absorb the view and catch sight of one of Mother Nature’s works of art, the calming crystal waters gushing miles below you.


It doesn’t get more otherworldly than Spitzkoppe which makes this location a sure fire winner for anyone looking to get horizontal!  Enjoy a bit of bouldering and check out the areas ancient bushman paintings before bedding down under some of Africa’s best star laden skies.


Malealea  is a breathtakingly beautiful wilderness located in western Lesotho.  For a more traditional take on African spiritual healing why not book an appointment with the village Sangoma who will throw bones and discuss your future well‐being. In the evening listen to the soothing sounds of the Basotho children’s choir and relax round the campfire.

Lake Nakuru is what we like to think of as a natural spa, the early morning mist rising up from the soda lake, it’s attractive pink fringe of pink flamingoes – an almost meditative vista. Being one of Kenya’s smaller parks you may also find less vehicles out on safari, making this a game drive of rejuvenating proportions.


As home to the world’s highest bungy jump Tsitsikamma puts a twist on the idea of chillax-ing, but its dramatic coastal scenery, reefs, rivers, lush forest and delicate fynbos make this the ultimate escapism location. Here, adventure is food for the soul and in the nature lovers paradise, you’ll find an endless list of pursuits on offer, from boat cruises to wild reef snorkeling.

This reserve has a chillax factor in name alone, the Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary, Swaziland’s oldest protected area, located in the stunning Ezulwini Valley, ‘Valley of Heavens”. For a more secluded safari experience, it’s a one is hard to beat, the tranquil eco-retreat boasting frequent sightings of hippo, crocodile impala, warthog and an impressive collection of birds.


Cool blue waters, soft white sands and stunning sunsets, yes Lake Malawi  is a must for the chill out list, its low key laidback atmosphere reflected in the surrounding fishing communities, many villages offering visits in the warm heart of Africa.


The Orange River  lies on the border with Namibia and South Africa. One for those seeking softer thrills its many exciting, but by no means major rapids including, Liquidation, Spook and Diesel and Eliminato offer adventure at a more relaxed pace.  When you’re done cool off in the soothing waters and get ready for some super star gazing, our campsite overlooking the river.


A mix of lakes and lagoons, pans, swamps, forests, dunes, beaches and coral reefs St Lucia is one of the most ecologically diverse locations in South Africa. Enjoy a sunset cruise, large populations of crocodile and hippo inhabiting the area, take time out on one of the many marked hiking trails or simply chill on St Lucia’s sun-kissed beaches and listen to the waves crashing on the shoreline.


Blog written by: Acacia Sales/Marketing