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If you’ve never been on an overland expedition you might well be wondering who you’ll meet out on tour, so here’s a run down of the mixed bunch you might find on your adventure…

NA16_4 (2)1. Single travellers were made for our overland expeditions as there’s no additional supplement and with a maximum of 24 people looking to truck around Africa you can expect to meet a hugely diverse crowd of nomads. Don’t worry if this is your first solo jaunt, as what brings everyone together on our trips is a love of everything wild, and Africa is just one BIG adventure!


2. Think global as our overlanders cover all four corners of the earth. On every scheduled departure there will be a pretty mixed bag from Europe to Australasia and beyond! When you’re not picking up some swahili you might well be learning other languages with your tour mates and having a blast at the same time.  Culture within culture, overland tours cross many more boundaries than this one continent.


3.  We also get our fair share of gappers, RTW travellers choosing to ride through a portion of Africa with us before seeing the continent solo or flying out to their next destination.  They can take their foot of the gas and let us handle the logistics for a while, and who knows, if that’s for you, you might well be seeing more of Africa with a new backpacking partner!

Image by: Colin Walsh

Image by: Colin Walsh

4. Couples love to head overland too, but whether our travellers have tied the knot before hopping on the truck or are on their adventure honeymoon they have one thing in common – a desire to get under the skin of this amazing continent.

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5. Anyone between the age of 18 to 39 who has itchy feet, is in search of a challenge and the unfamiliar, but most of all they have dreamed about boarding a plane and experiencing the African wilderness since as far back as they can remember!

Blog written by: Acacia Sales and Marketing