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It’s often said that African sunrises and sunsets are the best in the world and I certainly agree! Maybe it’s because Africa is so diverse, the landscape filled with rolling desert dunes, thick jungles, vast open savannah and plains full of grazing animals – and there’s nothing quite like watching the sun go down on a tropical beach. Whatever the reason, as the evening draws in, this magnificent continent will leave you spellbound with a sundowner and when dawn rolls back around you won’t want to press the snooze button!

Add one of these five countries to your African adventure as these locations put on the most fabulous sunrises and sunsets!

1)      Namibia – Nothing beats the sunrise at the peak of Dune 45 in the Namib Naukluft National Park. Not only is the view spectacular, the shifting colours over the dunes as the sun rises will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised. Recharge your batteries on our 43-day Kenya To Cape Town 

2)      Botswana – The Okavango Delta is totally unspoilt and one of the most pristine wildernesses in Africa.  With its meandering waterways, rolling savannah and labyrinths and lagoons  it’s a sunset haven! Sit back and relax amongst the lily pads and enjoy this magical African sunset experience on our 19-day Desert Tracker 

3)      Zambia – The Victoria Falls is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and what better place to see a sunset. As night nears over the falls, a kaleidoscope of colours electrify the spray – the water plummeting down into the Batoka Gorge. A truly breathtaking location on our 29-day East African Explorer

Zambia_microlite_upper zambezi
4)      Malawi – Unlike the coastal white sand, Lake Malawi offers golden sandy beaches set in picturesque mountains. As the sun comes up, the skyline is streaked with red and orange lights across the waters. A sunrise swim is a must on our 39-day Ultimate African Adventure 

5)      Zanzibar – what can I say,  Sitting on the white powdery palm fringed beach with a cocktail and watching the sunset is something you never tire of. As it stretches over the horizon Arabic dhows are silhouetted against the turquoise waters. Nothing beats chillaxing on this tropical island. Hop on our 35-day Cape Town To Zanzibar and experience the magic…




Blog written by: Michelle Lewis-Loubser – Acacia Sales & Marketing