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It’s a familiar question in the world of travel, but if you’re making long term travel plans taking your foot of the gas for a while and leaving all the logistics down to a tour leader could be a wise idea.


Kristin Addis, a former Los Angeles-based investment banker and Editor of Be My Travel Muse, comments “ After eight years I chose to truck it around Africa for 34 days. Generally everything I do is solo and independent. I don’t like tours and am really not a fan of excessive hand-holding. What I liked about this overland safari was that it wasn’t an air conditioned “fancy resort” fake experience. It would involve pitching tents, avoiding scorpions, running barefoot in deserts, and seeing lions from a big truck as we powered through Southern and Eastern Africa. In short, it was an unexpectedly sublime adventure with a few awesome 20-something girls and guys. I got along with each person, and honestly loved finally letting someone else do the planning for a while. As you may have noticed, solo travel was starting to ware on me and I needed a little break.”
Kristin travelled on our 35 day Cape Town to Zanzibar camping overland itinerary, bouldering at Spitzkoppe, mokoro safaris in the Okavango Delta and game drives in the Etosha National Park included in the itinerary.