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Tanzanian #TravelTuesday: Popular Arusha Masaai Market Re-opens

By 8th September 2015 No Comments

Shopping for souvenirs in local markets is a great way to give back and keep the grassroots economy thriving. Now you can revisit the Mount Meru Curios and Crafts market in Arusha, as the popular site has been entirely rebuilt when tradgedy struck last year.  Many of the traders were left without employment after the market was burned to the ground, but it has been returned to its former glory and now features a safer, concrete rather than wooden structure.


The re build of the popular tourist attraction was funded by the Tanzanian Tourism Ministry and the local community who joined forces to raise the the money.

Why not visit this vibrant market on our camping overland tours and help to regenerate the local economy in Arusha.