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Lee and Katie are a Sydney based couple with a passion for travelling the world! With five continents and 25 countries ticked off already, you could say they’re somewhat ‘experts’ at traveling. Lee and Katie have been there, done that and bought the t-shirt.

As part of their trip  to Africa they joined us for a 24 day overland tour from Kenya to Victoria Falls (South East Adventure Tour – 14SEA24) and loved it…so much so that we decided to do a blog about their stories! Check out this interview that we did with them to find out all about their epic African adventure…

So Lee and Katie, tell us a bit more about yourselves?

We are a couple from Sydney, Australia. We are both 28 and have been together for 12 years. We share a mutual passion for travel which has seen us on many extended trips. We have been to five continents so far with an endless bucket list of many more places we would love to travel too, including returning to Africa. We work hard to be able to travel and when we’re are not doing this you’ll often find us at the beach, enjoying the surf and socialising with friends.

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Why did you decide to travel overland rather than the more traditional way of travelling?

We decided to travel the overland route to be able to experience the real Africa, we wanted to meet the locals, visit the communities and experience everything we possibly could. 

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Often when flying from one city to the next you don’t get to experience this, for us getting there is half the fun! We enjoy being on the road and taking in all the sights on the way and getting our own unique experience.

Camping is all part of the fun too and allows you to truly immerse in the experience. Nothing beats being out in the open, setting up your tent whilst zebra’s roam through the campsite!

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What was your favourite moment on tour?

This is a tough one!

Our favourite moment on tour is a little hard to narrow down but safari is by far the biggest highlight. Seeing all that wildlife, watching the annual migration of animals and being amongst nature is like nothing we have ever done before. As we sit down to write our ‘favourite moment’ the list keeps getting longer…

Seeing a lion chase a warthog. Watching the wildebeest cross the Mara River was definitely a highlight. Seeing the cutest new-born animals. Swimming with Turtles on Zanzibar Island. Flying over Victoria Falls in a Helicopter. Catching a Tiger Fish on the Zambezi River. The Kande Beach Party at Lake Malawi and laughing the days away with our crew!

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Would you recommend this type of travel to other travellers such as yourself?

Most definitely – we loved it so much we are heading back on board with Acacia Africa in 2016. We had an absolutely incredible time and the trip completely exceeded our expectations from the start. We would happily and without hesitation recommend Acacia Africa.

A BIG THANK YOU to our team, Berven, Harmony and Ettienne and the Acacia Team behind the scenes!

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Thanks for sharing your stories and photos with us, Lee and Katie!

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