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Green season is a full on sensory experience and one of the best times to safari if you’re a budding shutterbug.

From November to April the summer rains leave lush green grasses and flowering plants in their wake, the animal action bursting into life as calving season begins. Migratory birds fill the skies with colour, and better air and light conditions along with dramatic short-lived thunderstorms (an afternoon storm may reward you with a rainbow or two) make photography all the more impressive. An added plus, the longer days mean you’ll have more time on the game drive.

Book before 31 October and Acacia we’ll green light your budget safari with a 15% discount on November and December bookings.
zimbabwe-athena-cubs-3-lion-projectSouth Luangwa is first up, as it will be hippo O’clock in the national park, our camp overlooking the Luangwa River. At this time of year the river often bursts its banks and plays host to the largest population of pods in the area. The endangered wild dog has also made a recent comeback in the park and who could resist catching adorable pups on the prowl. Add in the opportunity to see baby impala taking their first steps, plus viewing large carmine bee-eater & stork colonies and your camera will be snapping non-stop. Get snapping on our 21 day East African Explorer
screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-2-03-51-am-2While dry season is one of the best times to view wildlife in the Kruger, green season still packs some punch. With calving season well underway it’s a predator’s paradise – and it’s the also best time to visit the national park for birding. Don’t forget to add on a few lazy summer days on the beaches of Cape Town as highs of around 28 degrees celsius are the norm.  Beach and bush it on our 19 day Kruger To Cape Town.
screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-7-57-46-pm-2In the Okavango Delta game viewing becomes even more rewarding as the floodwaters withdraw. This leaves more areas open for bush walking. Expect to see large numbers of sitatunga (a swamp-dwelling antelope), red lechwe, and a plethora of migratory birds including the Woodland Kingfisher. Mokoro safaris will still be available in the heart of the delta, making this the ideal time to combine water and land based wildlife pursuits. Double up on your safari experience with our 12 day Desert & Delta Express northbound overland escape.