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There’s no doubt about it solo travel is good for you.  It can be challenging, invigorating and empowering, and more and more people are hitting the road alone and discovering not just places, but also themselves.

bungy-jump_livingstoneEase yourself into solo travel:  You could always throw yourself in at the deep end, but there are plenty of trips out there which were made with solo travellers in mind – and if you’re flexible on dates, even more options where you can avoid the single supplement.  Starting off with a group tour before you hit the road alone will boost your confidence and get you acquainted with everything from the local culture to the language.

acacia-truckThere’s no place like home:  We all yearn to jet away, but if we’re honest, deep down we secretly miss friends and family when we’re forging a new path across the globe, and for that reason social networking is invaluable. It’s worth hooking up with some expert bloggers before you go, as you’re sure to pick up some handy travel tips and you can stay connected on your journey and ask their advice on the way.  Saying that don’t dismiss the more traditional journal as WIFI might not be available in every location you visit, and you’ll be able to recall all of those treasured travel moments on your return.

Africa overland safariSolo in the City: Even if you’re alone in a big city there will still plenty of enjoyable ways to get more out of the metropolis. Cape Town is just one of the major hubs encountered at the start and end of our overland expeditions, and there’s usually a hive of social activity especially along the V&A waterfront.  You can also hop on a tour bus and get a better appreciation of South Africa’s Mother City.

jjs_4459Break up your solo journey: If you’re a seasoned solo traveller a group tour is a good way to mix up the trip and meet some like-minded nomads, or you may want to take on a more specific challenge for example, climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

Africa overland Kili trekStick to the basic safety rules:  If you’re not using your camera or your phone keep it packed away in your bag, and when you’re out and about take only the cash that you need in your pocket and lock all your valuables away in the hotel. If you’re venturing out alone at night you might want to check with the hostel manager about safe places and if your expedition is coming to an end your tour leader will also have some expert advice…