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Blog by: Roxy Kruger 

“The eye never forgets what the heart has seen” African Proverb

The day is ending and you’re reminiscing on all the highlights of your life.  With an Amarula-on-ice in your hand, a specialty sip of African essence, you think back to the time you explored and immersed yourself in Africa! The memories return of a young adult with enthusiasm propelling a journey like no other.

Africa overland safariNow if you’re anything like me, memory only takes you so far… especially if you’re a worldly traveller and you’ve got quite a bit stored in the experience bank.

It’s quite scary how quickly one can forget not only the little things but the big things too.  What was once a moment of present awe, something so remarkably unexplainable – a “you had to be there” moment becomes simply that…unexplainable! Even to yourself.  That is why, in this day and age, photographs are my best friend!

So with the other hand (still sipping that Amarula-on-ice, nice!) wouldn’t it be great to page through an album of the most iconic points of your trip?

Perhaps slide through rather than page, being the tech savvy people we are. Jolting your memory with every smile, pose and the backgrounds that follow.

It’s no easy feat to decide what is going to be the most iconic moments of your trip, especially when every moment feels magical. You may end up taking too many photos or worse, too little.

Africa behind a lens is not what I’m promoting but knowing which photos to take and when is indeed helpful!

TOP 15 Instagram-Worthy:

Maasai Village kids_RezizedNumber 15:  The Before Picture

This is you prior to Africa. Posing with all your travel possessions fit for Bear Grylls but looking more like Crocodile Dundee in all colors of khaki.

Number 14: Day 1, The Beginning

Make it a group shot standing outside the Truck (#NameofTruck so you don’t forget!). Or simply a selfie of your excitement because you’re about to do something so extraordinary and it’ll be great to see how the perfect hair changes to “African wild style”

Number 13: Palace

A PicCollage of your personal palace aka tent, truck, social circle around the fire or the food (I’m always around the food). This is to take you back to being physically on tour.  Scenic pics are great but so are the “look where we slept, how we made lunch and what we did after a long day” pics.

Number 12: Africa is Me

You in the Foreground (Mosi-au-Tunya / Ngoro n gor a Crater / Gorilla Trekking / Zanzibar B each / Okavango Delta, the list is endless). Yes okay, there are many Insta – worthy places to pose, but that’s just it!  You need a pic of yourself in the foreground with these settings in the background. It puts you there as opposed to just another mountain, river, sunset (I promise you will appreciate this just as much if not more than the scenic pics!)

Edited Number 1Number 11: Sign of Adventure

It’s a checklist thing. The tropic of Capricorn Swing.  Can it get any cooler? How many people in the world can actually say when and where they crossed the Tropic of Capricorn ? Oh wait, it just got cooler at the Equator (or warmer for the scientist out there).

Number 10: Perspectives and silliness

You’re having fun on tour, so show it! There is no office work, there are no deadlines and there are no suits. Be silly, be creative but mostly be young at heart.

Number 9: Market make’th the Man

Africa is colors, culture and curios. Markets are photographic gems.

Number 8: You’re on Safari

Oh it may be cheesy or it may be steamy 😉 However you choose to do it; with the wind in your hair, a lion in the background or snuggled with warm coffee.

Number 7: The Crew

No question is too silly to ask these guys, no other campfire is as entertaining with their stories and no heart is cold enough to not appreciate their hard work.

Number 6: The Party

If it’s your thing.  When the punch is flowing and you find yourself on the impromptu dance floor at the local bar. Bonus if you get your travel crush in the pic!

Number 5: Wildlife Award

Okay folks, now it’s time to choose your most prized wildlife picture.  That one picture that is of National Geographic quality. You could probably win an award for it.

Number 4: Cultural Heart

You may be well into your adventure, your hair is wild and you’ve got enough local jewelry and kikoi ‘ s to call yourself an overlander. But while that’s beautiful, it’s nothing compared to the way of life you’ve been privileged enough to see on tour. This is where it gets deep. There is a whole world of sacred history, unique Masaai warriors, gleaming faces of children and so much more to in capture for your heart.  To remember the real nature of your trip.

Africa overland safariNumber 3: Courage My Dear

This is the “oh my goodness, I’m brave” picture. Whatever challenges you! Be it a free fall to the unknown, floating out of your comfort boat (warning: floating is sugar coating) or just feeling your human fragile size. Get a picture of you doing it!

Number 2: Another Award

This would be runner up to your National Geographic award winner in the General category. However it would win hands down in the shot that captured the African Landscape; with an iconic sunset, acacia trees, a leopard silhouette, hell, even a soaring Bateleur Eagle in the shot.

Number 1: Your Travel Family

You will make friends. Actually, they will be more than that.  A special family is created through shared experiences, hours on the road and festive nights at the backpacker pubs.  Believe me, this will be your most cherished of all pictures.

With the last sip of your Amarula-on-ice, you sit back and a blanket of love warms you while a sense of belonging fulfills you. That same feeling you felt every second whilst in Africa. You’ve remembered why Africa was and always will be unforgettable to you.

Blog by: Roxy Kruger