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Cheetah spotting at the Serengeti!

By 21st December 2012 No Comments

Coming to you live from the Serengeti! I am writing this blog whilst we are busy trying to take the best shots we can of 2 male cheetah chilling out in the shade of a safari vehicle, such a rare sight. We are literally less than 5m from this beautiful cat, and as he turns his head I can hear the rapid click click click from 2 dozen cameras! I have to say that I am in awe as the cheetah is my favourite animal! We arrived yesterday afternoon and made our way across the vast plains towards Seronera which is our safari location here in the National Park. Very quickly we spotted our first lioness and we thought we were lucky; however better was still to come! 3 male lions together and seperately some more lioness with cubs, wow! We saw our leopard yesterday, but earlier this morning we beat any
¬†leopard spotting I’d seen before, a mother with 2 cubs. We stood in our vehicle watching the affection displayed by the mother as she playfully groomed her young high up on the rocks. So far it has been a truelly awesome safari, and we have all afternoon to go, and we’re off to the Ngorongoro crater tomorrow in search of our Rhino to complete the big 5 so stay tuned!



Written by: Samantha Williams – Acacia Tour Leader

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