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Is trekking Kilimanjaro on your bucket list? Here are 10 reasons why you should climb Kilimanjaro…

– Kilimanjaro is the highest peak in Africa
– It is on the list of 100 things you should do before you kick the bucket
– Mt Kilimanjaro forms part of the famous 7 summits. Other 6 are: Mt Everest- Asia, Aconcagua – S America, Denali AKA Mount McKinley – Nth America, Mt Elbrus – Europe, Mt Vinson – Antarctica and MT Kosciusko – Australia.
– It is the highest freestanding mountain in the world
– Arusha National Park is 30kms from Mt Kilimanjaro – perfect game experience for those with limited time.
– The climb can be attempted all year round.
– It can be easily combined with either Serengeti or Zanzibar for the ultimate Tanzanian holiday.
– Kilimanjaro is easily assessable with direct flights on KLM, Qatar and Ethiopian Airlines.
– There are different route options, and level of treks, to suit individual preferences

Kili-main_560pxAcacia Africa offers 6 amazing Kilimanjaro trek routes: Marangu, Machame, Rongai, Shire, Lemosho,  and Umbwe.  You can start and finish these amazing routes in Moshi or Nairobi and you can add an Acclimatisation day to each which gives you more chance in reaching the summit. Check out our Acacia Africa tours on offer that will make your dreams come true and will get you to the summit of Uhuru Peak at 5895Metres.

Here us some information on three of our main routes:

The Marangu Route is the most direct and most popular climb of all of the Kilimanjaro routes. This path is well defined and climber friendly to make your adventure a little easier. The camps on route have solar powered sleeping huts and beds in communal dormitories. The trail runs via rainforests, waterfalls over high moorlands, where you will trek amongst giant plant life! The final steep push takes place in the morning before you stand, elated, on the Roof of Africa! The descent follows the same route down the mountain.
The Machame route is the second most popular route and a little more strenuous than the Marangu Route but I am not going to lie it is one of the most beautiful of routes. The camping train climbs Shire plateau on the west side of Kibo and ascends the imposing Barranco Wall, below stunning ice fields before it converges with the other trails of the summit.
The Rongai Route is the less frequented route approaches from the north with great views over the Amboseli Plains in Kenya letting you climb this magnificent mountain and view game at the same time! Passing through alpine meadows and giant vegetation, we camp near mountain caves before joining the steep route to the summit. The descent follows the Marangu route which allows you to trek right over Kilimanjaro.
Why not hop on a safari to the Serengeti or enjoy a relaxing time on the beach in Zanzibar? Here are a few tours you can do after your trek to the summit:
Tanzania Wildlife Safaris– TWLS6M – This tour is a wildlife game viewing experience on the vast sun-baked plains in search of the ‘Big 5’, while lakes, acacia forests and rocky outcrops, harbor numerous other animals and birds.
Zanzibar Island Getaway – ZIG4 – The exotic island of Zanzibar is famed for its stunning white-sand beaches lapped by the warm Indian Ocean for a relaxing getaway. Commonly referred to as the ‘Spice Island’