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Isolation travel and getting to those far away, hard to reach places is apparently all the rage and Africa overlanding is right on the money if we’re talking about vast, unspoilt and uninhabited landscapes.

Horses_Drakensberg2_VM SA trip (June 2017)While the buzzword is currently trending in the world of luxury vagabonding, you can still escape from the masses and seek silence and tranquility on an overland or small group tour, so we quizzed our expert tour leaders on the best places to enjoy isolation travel on a budget:

Africa overland safari Namibia

  • Meditate in a cave at Spitzkoppe. You’re sure to feel the positive vibes at the Matterhorn of Africa, its granite rocks more than 120 million years old and the highest outcrop rising about 1,784 metres above sea level.
  • Seek a spiritual connection with Africa in Zimbabwe’s Matobo National Park. The area has cultural significance to the local people and there are many sites within its 43,200 hectares where important ceremonies still take place.
  • Steal yourself away from the masses at the Fish River Canyon. A genuinely isolated, frontier land that few have visited, the depths of the world’s second largest canyon reach over 500 metres, its length100kms long and its width nearly 30kms!
  • Nothing could be more remote than Malealea, the village in the Mafeteng district in southern Lesotho surrounded by a string of isolated mountain communities.  Head for the stunning Botsoela Waterfall on a four hour round hike and soak up the solitude
  • Namibia might even offer up a chance for some alone time while on safari, and truly atmospheric you can experience the animal encounters under cover of darkness.  Head for the Etosha National Park’s floodlit waterholes in the early hours and contemplate your new found sense of adventure in Africa.
  • Sample an otherworldly view of South Africa on a pony trek across the foothills of the Drakensberg Mountains.  Rising to 8,000 feet, its massive, snow-capped peaks jut out sharply against the sky, while in the other direction the plains of KwaZulu-Natal roll away toward the horizon.  The air is so clear you can see for miles, and like being transported to another planet, the feeling is magnified by being on horseback, as there’s something powerful about sitting eight feet off the ground on your trusty steed.
  • Malealea, Lesotho