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eSwatini might be a new country to most people, but it’s already doing the rounds on Instagram with a record 609 posts and counting.

Swaziland dancersStill not ringing any bells? If you missed the news earlier this month it’s the new name for Swaziland – King Mswati – one of the world’s few remaining absolute monarchs, renaming the country “the Kingdom of eSwatini” during celebrations for the 50th anniversary of Swazi independence.

Swaziland_1The event coincided with the King’s 50th birthday, and eSwatini meaning “land of the Swazis” certainly fits the bill – the former name of Swaziland, often being confused with Switzerland at international events.

Swaziland villageThis may be nothing new, many other countries doing the same shortly after independence (Rhodesia to Zimbabwe in 1980, Nyasaland to Malawi in 1964, Bechuanaland to Botswana in 1966), but for nomads that are in the know, eSwatini will be so this year, as it’s almost like having a new country to tick off the bucket list.

Mlilwane_Swaziland_zebraCome see eSwatini with us and give this lesser-known kingdom a visit on one of our overland tours