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African Overland Adventure tours

Are you eagerly anticipating an Acacia Africa Overland tour? Keen to know a little more about the experience? Here are our top tips for making the very best of your overland experience.

  1. DO make it about the destination as well as the journey

Sure, the journey is a massive part of the Overland Tour experience, but don’t forget to enjoy everything the destination has to offer too. Most especially, don’t be late! The less time you spend on travelling the more time you’ll have at the destination to enjoy that experience too.

  1. DO play nicely with others

Overlanding can be one of the best ways to start as strangers and leave as friends- but only if you all make nice with each other. Look for opportunities to enjoy your fellow travellers, and make sure you pay attention to the little things too- use some deo and make sure your teeth are freshly brushed, and watch out for personal space issues to help everyone stay comfortable. Pitch in when relevant. It will all add to the experience.

  1. DON’T pack the kitchen sink!

We get it- we love our creature comforts too! However, it’s all going to be dead weight for you to drag around, so why not play it smart [and light]? Rather pack a few items and wash often then find yourself so weighed down by things you can’t have the experiences. Suitcases are a big no-no because they will annoy you- opt for a backpack you can keep out of the way. You may want to add some easy-to-use hand sanitiser and your favourite brand of TP for the journey, though. Dressing in layers is always useful too, as chilly nights can quickly become roasting days.

  1. DO have your documents all ready

The faster you can transition through bureaucracy at border posts, the faster you can get to experience the adventure instead. Keep everything in order and together.

  1. DO embrace flexibility

There’s no rigid schedule to the overland experience. Experiences happen, and plans can shift and adapt to suit them. It’s part of the magic of overland tours, and where you’ll get your best stories to tell! Make sure to take a good look at your itinerary, though, so you can be sure to bring all the right gear you need and have a good sense of the trip ahead.

  1. DON’T forget your medication

While Southern Africa is packed with a variety of brands and amenities, it’s always best to bring chronic meds, favoured painkillers/allergy medication and things such as contact lens solution so you don’t have to try to find a new brand in a hurry.

Overlanding is potentially one of the very best ways to see the world, especially here in Southern Africa where the wildlife and scenery are so very rich and photo ops lie around every corner. If you keep these simple 6 dos-and-don’ts in mind, and book your tour through Acacia Africa’s experienced team, you’re sure to have the time of your life on your adventure.