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Travelling for YOU! Finding yourself in Africa in 2019

By 14th December 2018 No Comments

Travel, and you will find yourself. It’s possibly one of the biggest clichés you hear…yet it’s also a profound truth. It’s so easy to get swamped in our daily lives, bogged down by routine and shackled by small cares, that we forget the many ways in which we are blessed- and the many different things that make up the rich human experience. Travel in Africa is a particularly emotional experience, one which will leave you feeling a deeper connection to yourself, your soul, and humanity itself. Here’s just a few of the ways travel with Acacia Africa will touch your soul in 2019.

Be alone, and be inspired by the crowd

They say to find yourself, you must either travel to where there is no one- or travel among the hustle and bustle of people who will inspire you. In Africa, you will find both waiting. Experience stretches of land where you are the only human soul to be found. Let the empty, aching beauty of the Sossusvlei flush the constraints of daily life from your soul, or watch the teeming life of the bush- free from your own daily cares, but a desperate struggle for life and supremacy all the same- as one of only a handful of people, and realise how little impact the woes, routines and habits of your life have on the vast, bustling natural diversity around you.

Then head into the cities and let Africa’s warm embrace remind you of your fellow humanity. Experience the bustle of the many lives unfolding around you- both the same as, and totally different from, your own. Meet friendly faces at every turn, and allow the different cultures, traditions and lives of the many people you meet to touch your own.

See the best and worst of life, all rolled into one

In those different people, you will meet both the extremely rich and privileged as you venture on safari or dine in the world-class restaurants that litter the continent and experience luxury spas and getaways, and those who have very little compared to yourself- but still live happy, productive lives as equals to your own. You’ll be reminded to embrace gratitude for all the mod-cons you take for granted, and also have your eyes opened to the many different ways you can create a fulfilling, worthwhile life- no matter the challenges. You’ll shake off the world media’s stereotype of the ‘starving African’, and instead have your eyes opened to a variety of people, all with different wealth, backgrounds and challenges, all making their unique path through life. You’ll leave feeling invigorated and humbled in one.

Let diversity reawaken your imagination

You’ll spend your time in Africa surrounded by a veritable melting pot of cultures, races and experiences. Let them all wash over you, and find new inspiration for the year ahead. From the fragrant scents of new spices in the dishes you sample, to the vibrant colours of traditional art, the gorgeous beauty of the lush wildlife and landscapes, and the vast diversity of languages and experiences, you’ll find sights, sounds and colours that will refresh your imagination and reawaken you to the beauty all around you.

Come as a traveller, and leave as a friend. Find yourself in Africa in 2019, with Acacia Africa as your partner every step of the journey- you will find a whole new perspective on life waiting for you around every corner!

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