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Africa. It’s a continent shrouded in mystique. Maybe it brings to mind long, languid days on safari, enjoying the vibrant animal life in the bush. Or perhaps your mind skips straight to the staggering fossil wealth found here, the very cradle of humankind. Maybe it’s Africa’s reputation as ‘the dark continent’ that springs to mind, and the mysteries of cultures so very different to your own. You could even skip straight to Meryl Streep’s iconic lines:

“ I had a farm in Africa, at the foot of the Ngong Hills…”

Acacia Africa are immensely proud to play an integral part in shaping one of the most beautiful and mysterious continents in the world through constructive, responsible tourism. For Acacia, Africa is not simply a destination- it’s an experience that will change your world forever.


Stand high above the rushing waters of one of the Wonders of the World. Feel the spray on your face as you psyche up the last dregs of your courage- and drop, freefalling, into the mists below. Grip the throttle of your thrumming quad bike just a little tighter, and feel the engine roar to life beneath you as you fly over the endless dunes that surround you. Trust your life to a complicated, fragile rig of elastic and nylon, and test your body against some of the oldest rock faces in the world.

Africa is adrenaline, speed and incomparable experiences just waiting for you to explore them.


Feel your soul expand and your cares recede under the empty, achingly blue skies of the Sossusvlei, the lone living soul in a timeless emptiness. Be awed by wildlife in all it’s dizzying forms as the frantic life-and-death battles of the bush play out around you. Turn tired eyes to the dazzling starscape unfolding above you in the quiet night air, far distant from the foggy haze of the city, and remember you are a marvel of stardust and soul occupying a memorable moment in the pulse of time.

Africa is the freedom to escape the cares of life, and rediscover your humanity in the land of your ancestors


Your taxi is running late and your data is depleted…. but there’s no deadlines to meet, no emails to worry over, and you haven’t a care left in the world. Time to grab a cool, crisp beer and kick back until they get there. Your alarm, forgotten in the last-minute rush to pack and get to the airport on time, shrieks a strident wake-up call at 5am… but you’re free to turn over sleepily, press ‘cancel’, and enjoy the breathtaking stillness and crisp air of a morning in the bush instead. Go where you will and do what you want- an experience like no other awaits you at every corner and there is no wrong turn, no deadlines… no worries.

Africa is relaxation and rejuvenation in some of the most spectacular scenery known to man.


Make your way down a humble street, nestled in an unassuming suburb of a quiet district that was once the hotbed of desperate political intrigue, and know you are walking where not one, but two, of the greatest men the world has ever seen once played, loved and learned. Tour Constitution Hill, and explore how humanity overcame its worst elements to forge a new future together. Meet those who make every day a joy despite the challenge of their own circumstances, and be inspired to forge your own life your own way.

Africa is inspiration for a better, brighter future for every man, woman and child.


At every turn you meet a swirl of languages that wash over your bewildered ears, distinctly different to your own- only to switch effortlessly to your own language as smiles flash in greeting. Every street corner reveals beguiling new sights and smells as the scents of delectable cuisines you’ve never before sampled tempt you to try. The sombre dark hues of all-too-familiar corporate armour meld seamlessly with the vibrant colours of traditional robes, thobes and scarves. Every new accent is an invitation to learn more about the fascinating throng of people around you. Every step is an invitation to see beyond your own world into the lives of others.

Africa is culture extraordinaire, from the dizzying heights of haute cuisine and haute couture to the lovingly crafted wares of a humble roadside seller.


Africa is calling you home- and Acacia is here to help you at every turn along the road. You bring yourself, and we handle the rest. No matter your needs, wants or challenges, we can help you craft the perfect African adventure.

#AcaciaisAfrica. It’s our home, our inspiration and our joy. Experience everything this singular continent has to offer you, and take the Acacia Africa challenge. You will leave with a little piece of Africa nestled forever in your heart.