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Acacia Africa wants YOU. You’re the reason we are here, after all! Part of the many joys of working in our field is meeting each and every one of you, and being an integral part of the memories you create in your time in Africa. That’s why we took the plunge and created the #AcaciaLive challenge… we want the world to celebrate those special moments with you. Summer is in full swing in our corner of Africa, and it’s time for you to dust off those cameras, snap on those selfie sticks and get sharing your adventures with the world!

Fun in the Sun

Summer in Africa is an experience like no other- and it’s time to share that with the world. Frame that perfect shot of your delectable cocktail on the beach to tantalise the snowed-in folks back home, or show off that fancy new cocktail dress as you party the night away. What does fun mean to you? #AcaciaLive wants to share the moment with you!

African Adventures

Every day in Africa is an adventure… and it’s time the world got to share the experience. We know you’re busy having the time of your life out there, but don’t forget us along the way! Share your personal flavour of adventure, and let everyone experience the dizzying heights of Africa’s best with you.

Iconic Views

You’re going to find them everywhere. Maybe it’s the perfect frame of a romantic sunset as the month of love descends on us. Perhaps it’s the startling drop into the water below you as you get ready to take the plunge, or your unique take on the ‘can’t-miss’ sights. Let the world see Africa’s real beauty for themselves, and be the spearhead of a new digital movement.


Are you hitting up the continent with your homies? Share the fun and frolics on the way! Strangers before you shared a safari together, but now BFFs for life? Celebrate your new friendship with a super-special #AcaciaLive moment. Africa is built on the backs of the fascinating people who help shape her face… and the world’s longing to know more about them.

Africa at her best

#AcaciaLive is about YOU and Africa. Show us what this special landscape has come to mean to you. We’re the vibiest continent in the world, after all, and now you’ve left your very own footprints in the sand. Embrace your inner African spirit, and let the world join the fun.

#AcaciaLive is waiting for you to share the adventure! Acacia Africa brought you here, but now it’s your time to shine in the African sun. Dazzle and delight us with the best memories of your time here and snatch your time in the spotlight. What does Africa mean to you? A picture is, after all, worth a thousand words… help the world understand Africa as never before and join the #AcaciaLive family!