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We continue dreaming of travel until the day we can do so again.

Namibia is a must for your future travel bucket list if…

You’d like to experience adrenaline pumping activities
You want to climb the highest sand dunes in the worlds oldest desert
You want to game drive and experience wildlife
You’ll stand at the top on the worlds second largest canyon
You would like to see ancient bushman paintings

There is so much more to Namibia than just the desert.

Home to the world’s oldest desert, the highest sand dunes, the world’s second largest canyon and one of Africa’s largest national parks. Namibia has some of the most stunning landscapes seen in Africa. There are large stocks of diamonds, copper, uranium, tin, silver and other minerals in Namibia. The country has a population of 2.1 million and 11 official languages, with 49% of households speaking Oshiwambo.

At some 22,270 sq kilometres in area Etosha National Park is one of the largest in Africa, surrounding a central salt pan. The pan is seasonally full of water but specially managed waterholes sustain some 114 mammal and 340 bird species. Thanks to these floodlit waterholes observers frequently see a range of night visitors including elephant, giraffe, zebra, hyena and even lion.

Namibia’s largest National Park at 23,000 sq kilometres and the fourth largest conservation area in the world is the Namib-Nauklaft Park. The park lies within the Namib Desert containing the highest sand dunes in the world, including the most famous Dune 45 which is best to be climbed in the early hours to watch the sunrise.

In the south of the country is Fish River Canyon. The largest canyon in Africa and the second largest canyon in the world at 161 kilometres long, 27 kilometres wide and the drop from the rim is over 500 metres. The canyon offers many spectacular sightings from many viewpoints and spectacular sunsets.


And let us take you through Namibia, virtually.

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Dreaming of Namibia?Dreaming of travelling to Namibia on an adventure of a lifetime?This is what you can expect!Ever been to Namibia with us? We would love to relive those memories. Share your photo's in the comments box.Thank you for the amazing video footage.

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Namibia is not only home to the ‘Big 5‘, but it is also home to the ‘Ugly 5’. Yes, you read that correctly. There is an ‘Ugly 5’ and you can find out more about them by downloading the guide to the ‘Ugly 5’ here.