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Our safari holidays secured a place in The Times 20 Best Family Holidays for 2019, our Small Group Safaris and Short Safaris & Treks perfect for tweens through teens – children from eight years welcome on our tours through East and Southern Africa

Escorted group tours, you’ll be joined by safari-goers of all ages who are keen to explore the real Africa – often a plus for single parents who might feel more isolated on a private family tour.

Budget-minded, families can choose between camping and accommodated options, and our tours stay the same price all year round so there are no unwelcome hikes over the summer period.

Why book a family safari? Here are five reasons to journey across Africa with us…

  1. A safari in Africa is quite unlike any other family holiday – communing with nature, learning about the animal kingdom and meeting people from different cultures making these trips life-changing experiences.
  1. Even the hardiest of gamers will learn to appreciate being in the outdoors, our knowledgeable guides giving them the low down on everything from the Small Five to the Big Five, this newfound appreciation of Mother Nature helping to instil a greater concern for the wildlife and the world around them.
  1. Nothing beats the thrill of seeing rhino up close in the bush and learning to track smaller critters from the Elephant shrew to the Leopard tortoise can be just as exciting. Age isn’t a factor, making safaris a fantastic leveller for youngest and oldest family members in your group, and a great choice for multi-generational trips. If you’re travelling with a larger group, why not ask us about designing a tailor-made tour?
  1. Quality family time that lives on well past the safari itself, it’s not unusual for children to develop a passion for the wildlife, places and people they come into contact with, an interest they continue to pursue on their return home.
  1. Your children will have the opportunity to engage with different cultures and learn first-hand about other communities and how they live

Karin Bradbury, travelled with us on our 14-day Southern Africa Magic small group safari, Karin says “I think travelling as a family is of great benefit. The kids get to see that their little world at home is only one part of a much greater world, and adults benefit from travelling with children because children tend to ask questions about things adults completely miss. They make us look at travel from a different angle. I think it was quite an eye opener for the children to see that there are people who really do still live in huts made of sticks, mud and straw.

The long-distance journeys also come with their own surprises. Karin comments, “We spotted lions at the side of the road one morning while in Botswana. We were just driving along and not on any kind of game drive. The early sunlight falling through the grass and onto the lions was magical.


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