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It’s true solo female travel is now less of a trend and more the norm. However, they say no man, or in this case, woman is an island, with a growing number of these wanderers (according to the latest research) choosing to mix and mingle on group tours, too. As part of our #WomenGoSolo initiative, we interviewed a few members of the team who have recently been out on tour in Africa and asked them for their feedback on what it’s like to switch from independent to group travel as a single traveller.

Meet Jodene, our Cape Town Reservations Manager.  Jodene explored Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) where she joined an escorted tour for the first time as a solo female traveller.  An educational, Jodene had the chance to mingle with other agents and find out what makes one of the world’s last remaining monarchies tick.

#WGS JodeneFirst off Jodene, was it a worthwhile trip? Yes, educationals are a great way to gain product knowledge, as by experiencing a country first hand they give you the tools to sell the “experience.”

What are some good ice breakers when you’re single and joining a group tour?  Having good snacks definitely doesn’t hurt. Especially chocolate 😉 Group tours bring together travellers from all over the world and talking about where everyone is from is a great place to start.

What were the best locations for testing out your skills as a solo traveller and activities you can take up there? The Shewula Mountain camp – sitting under the stars until late at night, hiking the mountain. The Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary for horse riding and caving

What did you learn about yourself from the experience? I was nervous to travel solo as I am usually very introverted and reserved in group settings, but I was far more likeable and outgoing than I thought I would be which meant it didn’t take long to make new friends and feel at ease.

What do you think are the plus factors for solo travellers joining group tours? They get you to move out of your comfort zone and make new friends you wouldn’t necessarily have made if you were travelling with friends.

What inspires you the most about solo female traveller? The courage and independence to step out of their comfort zone time and time again, and discover new places on their own.

Do you have any tips for women who might be thinking of booking as a single on a group tour? Be open, be curious and bring your sense of wonder and humour! Also take part in as many group activities as possible.

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