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Are you a beach lover travelling the world to soak up the sun and enjoy sandy, palm fringed beaches with stunning turquoise waters whilst lapping up the warm weather and a cocktail? Well… this blog is for you!

Here are the top 4 lush and memorable beaches to visit on your African adventure…

Camps Bay, Cape Town, South Africa
1) Despite the cool – let’s rather say refreshing – waters of the Atlantic, Cape Town hosts a selection of stunning beaches wrapped in the midst of the mountains with mesmerizing scenery. One beach in particular, stands out from the rest – Camps Bay. It is certified as a ‘blue flag’ beach and is possibly the most fashionable, have-to-been-seen-at beach in the mother city. It is hopelessly trendy in summer with people all over the world enjoying the beach life; beach bats & local granadilla ice cream. Stylish local bars & restaurants dot the beach road offering an array of delicious meals and inviting cocktails oozing with class.

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Africa overland safariInhambane, Tofo, Mozambique
2) Inhambane hosts numerous world-class lush, prolific palm fringed beaches – expanses of white powdery sand with electric turquoise waters and stunning lagoons from the warm Indian Ocean. Scuba diving in Inhambane is among the best in the world with reefs close to every beach, including the world famous Manta Reef and Gallaria. Regular sightings of Giant Manta Rays, Whale Sharks, Turtles and other marine life are reported almost all year around. Inhambane is a swimmers dream and a snorkellers paradise – with glorious beaches, fantastic weather, splendid seafood, and friendly locals make this is one of the top beach destinations to visit on the African continent.

Hop on our Mozambique & Zimbabwe Explorer (Northbound) – NMZE14 tour and travel the spectacular coastal stretch from Xai Xai – Inhambane to Vilanculos for spectacular beach fun in the sun!

Africa overland safari Malawi

3) Unlike the coastal white sand, Lake Malawi offers golden sandy beaches, natural coves, no tides, no currents and no sharks. The water is salt-free, mineral rich and crystal clear – sometimes the visibility in the water is more than 30m! It is not only a scenic wonderland providing over 500 species of Cichlids – fantastic for the underwater enthusiasts – it is also a place of pure relaxation, swimming and chilaxing. To top it off, it is encircled by sheer mountains and edged by endless palm-fringed beaches. Lake Malawi is a massive lake carved out by the Great Rift Valley and will leave you an desire to just stay forever.

Enjoy the beach life on our South East Adventure – SEA24 and enjoy the fresh water, the tropical fish and the ‘no sharks’ on the spectacular lake.

zanzibarZanzibar – Kendwa Beach
4) Zanzibar is an exotic, Indian ocean island off the coast of Dar es Salaam. The rich culture, spice plantations and the vast stretches of coconut palm fringed beaches, make this a tropical haven. The water is a turquoise blue colour, the sunsets are spectacular and the local boat activity is picturesque. Forget about time here and put up your feet – have a local massage or simply relax on the local deck chairs lining the coastline. For the water enthusiasts, enjoy snorkeling, diving, boat dhow safaris and swimming. The local beach bar restaurants dot the water’s edge offering traditional cuisine, seafood and local cocktails (served in coconuts, if you so choose). Don’t forget the night life, with the full moon parties that topping off this ultimate beach experience.

Visit Zanzibar and enjoy this tropical Island with its explicit white sandy beaches and elaborate cocktails on our Kenya & Tanzania Adventure – KTA13 tour for the BEST beach fun ever!

Blog written by: Michelle Lewis