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For the second time, I made my way to Africa to do an Overland Camping Trip with Acacia. For I was absolutely blown away from my first trip (Acacia's Desert Tracker 25 Day Tour).

I definitely wanted to come back this year to continue exploring East Africa. I traveled with Elton & Dudu this time – I couldn't have asked for a better team for this trip.

Therefore, I would like to give a special feedback to Elton: He was always very friendly, caring, well organized and thoughtful. He even organized a big birthday cake at Zanzibar for one of the passengers (which was a huge surprise for him and definitely one of the highlights of the day). He always ran the "extra mile" – in terms of cooking special food or buying local food specialties for us to try, organizing extra activities for us to spice up our itinerary (e.g. a dinner in the village at Kande Beach/Malawi, organizing a group dinner for all of us in a restaurant in Zanzibar, bringing us to special places and shops, etc.). I highly appreciate his extra effort and time he invested to enhance our overall experience and I don't take this for granted.
He is an amazing tour guide and deserves my deep respect for his extraordinary passion and love for his job.

I am already thinking about which trip could be the next one for me. I am very sure that I want to come back either for the Garden Route or the Gorilla Encounter next year, because I really enjoyed travelling with Acacia both times.

Finally, I want to say a big THANK YOU again. - Charlotte
Charlotte went on the East African Explorer (21 Days) tour.

I have recently completed a 19 day tour Cape Town-Livingstone with tour leader Pete and driver Francis. I would just like to take a moment to commend the whole organisation and execution of the tour. I cannot speak highly enough of Pete/Francis and the work they did day after day with professionalism and cheerful attitudes. I have done other tours with different companies but from my experience with Pete and Francis Acacia are outright the best of the lot. - Mathew Jones
Mathew Jones went on the Desert Tracker (19 Days) tour.

Dear Team,

After I successfully managed to work till the weekend, it is time to send you some kudos for my desert & delta southbound trip that I finished last sunday.

I must say that everything exceeded my expectations!

The route and itineary you guys composed is amazing. The campsites were diverse and clean, the truck and equipment (especially tents) in a good shape, and the activities offered well-selected. Everything was managed well by the "facilitator" Pillie Pillie (a great cook, too) and the safe and reliable driver Khumbo (special regards to both of them). The group size may have been 3-5 too many (23 for most of the part), but under the circumstances it all went super smooth and efficient.

I will and have already recommended Acacia to a few people and if I should do travels in Africa again, I will surely pick you (given I am not too old then;)

Thanks again and greetings from Berlin!
Martin - Martin
Martin went on the Desert & Delta Express - Southbound (12 Days) tour.

My nephew and I just returned home to Norway yesterday from the Gorilla Encounter 14-day and the Maasai Mara Safari 3-day tours and had an absolute blast! The gorilla encounter trip, the Maasai Mara trip, hotel bookings and airport transfers all worked out SO well! Thank you Roxy, Acacia Reservations for organizing the trip for us. Wow!!
Our guide Chrispen and driver Ben were both so wonderful, and we had a great group traveling with us. - Gry Hatteland
Gry Hatteland went on the Gorilla Encounter (14 Days) tour.

I just got back from a 21-day East African Explorer (EAE21) trip and I must say that out of the many tours I've done across the world this would have to be by far the best. It was so much fun!
The planning and carrying out of the itinerary was done perfectly. From this, I fell in love with Africa instantly, and without a doubt, I would come back and do another trip with Acacia.

I came to African feeling uncertain and unsure if I'd be safe. At all times I was cared for and looked after by the crew
- Crispen and Ben.

Their knowledge, professionalism and kindness will never be forgotten. I would highly recommend them both and Acacia. - Georgia
Georgia went on the East African Explorer (21 Days) tour.

I would just like to thank Acacia for my tour as it has been so well organised and comfortable. The driver Khumbu was outstanding and always had a smile on his face. Very easy to talk to about anything and has become a friend for life. Our tour guide Philile was superb. His cooking was out of the world and he did it for us everyday. He was so informative and knowledgeable about East Africa and I could always ask him questions about any subject. Very welcoming like Khumbu which was great as this was my first trip alone. The best trip ever. Would love to come back and do another tour with these guys.

Thank you Acacia, Khumbu and Philile for making this the best tour ever. - Jonathan D'Souza
Jonathan D'Souza went on the East African Explorer (21 Days) tour.

We are Patrick and Clara from Germany and travelled from Cape Town to Johannesburg on the 25 day Desert Tracker tour through South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe and wanted to share our experience.

Our guide Pete and our driver Ben did an amazing job. They had a lot of knowledge about the local cultures and traditions, they helped us whenever needed, they always smiled and they created a great group atmosphere. But most of all... their cooking skills were outstanding! I was the only vegetarian on the trip, but they made sure that there was a vegetarian option available on every meal. Their passions shinned and we could tell that this job is not just a way of earning money, but a huge passion of theirs. We will definitely come back to Africa to explore more countries, as we had such a great time on our trip. We would love to have Ben and Pete as our tour guide and driver again as they were so amazing! - Patrick and Clara
Patrick and Clara went on the Desert Tracker (25 Days) tour.

Dear Acacia Team,

I am back from my Overland Camping Safari tour - Gorilla Encounter tour - GEN14 and wanted to share my feedback. The tour started in Nairobi, Kenya and ran through Uganda highlighting the Chimpanzees and Gorilla Trekking. The itinerary was very well planned and I enjoyed my experience with Acacia Africa, especially Pete and Ben our crew on tour. They did an outstanding job and were always very well organized and had an answer to every question with a smile and humbleness.

I would definitely recommend Acacia Africa, especially with the crew. It was an unforgettable experience and i am very grateful for that. - Rene
Rene went on the Gorilla Encounter (14 Days) tour.

Dear Acacia Team,

I was with your team on the tour from Cape Town to Johannesburg.
Thank you so much for this wonderful trip!
It was a blast and I will always remember this time!!!
We started at the 10th of march from capetown towards Livingstone and then Johannesburg.
Our first part to Livingstone was organisied by your lovely guys Philile and Khumbu.
I have to say a BIG BIG THANK YOU to them because without them it wouldn’t have been that special. Both of them were really organized, professional, helpful, always friendly, gave us a lot of informations about every country, their history & people we visited but above all their passion for their job. I think without passion and fun at work you can’t do your job 100%, and these guys totally fulfilled it. Their sunny smile and hearty laugh made every day to a really really nice and wonderful day. You can be really lucky and proud to have them in your team.

The other BIG THANK YOU is for Justin and Gladman. They did the tour from Livingstone to Johannesburg.
Unfortunately the tour took just 6 days with them. We really enjoyed the cooking skills from Justin. He spoiled us with his food. And he told us a lot about history which was really interesting. Gladman is a really helpful, kind and friendly guy. We got stuck on our last day in Aluz at the service area. We waited around 4 hours until everything was fixed with the starter. BUT all of us didn’t have any problems to wait. A car can always cause problems. So we enjoyed the afternoon by playing cards. Justin and Gladman did everything to get it fixed on their own and reacted really professional and calm. They apologized so many times but it wasn’t their fault at all.
I really enjoyed the time with them. You can be really proud to have them in your team as well!

I will definitely recommend Acacia which I already did.

THANK YOU! - Mira Pezeron
Mira Pezeron went on the Desert Tracker (25 Days) tour.

My trip was spectacular and I’m so glad I did it.

Acacia Africa and its tour leaders and drivers were a bunch of legends and the whole month went very smoothly. I was lucky enough to see some incredible sights that I’d dreamt of seeing my entire life.

My highlight was definitely seeing the mountain gorillas in Uganda; we were lucky enough to get right up close and had a young male touch us and grab our hands and feet.

The locals in every town or city we visited were magnificent and I never once felt unsafe.

I’ll definitely be going back to the amazing continent.

- Callum Gordon
Callum Gordon went on the Ocean to Gorillas (Accommodated) (26 Days) tour.

I wanted to say how wonderful our trip has been! Thanks so much to you and your team for a truly stunning holiday, far exceeded my expectations and really good value.
Please pass on my thanks to Gee who was a very good driver, excellent spotter, and a bird guide.
- Rosie - Acacia Tailor-made Trip

I heartily endorse everything Rosie has said below. It was an outstanding tour in every way - amazing sights and experiences, a great variety of accommodation for the most part of a far higher level than anticipated, and first-class planning throughout. And as for Gerhard, words almost fail me! He was a font of knowledge and a terrific guide and driver. Meanwhile, we will continue to bask in all those remarkable memories. Acacia has done us more than proud.
- Ruth - Acacia Tailor-made Trip

- Rosie and Ruth

I hoped on a Kenya and Tanzania Adventure (KTA13) tour and had the best time on this trip! Pete is an exceptional guide, good communication skills and keeps us informed all the time not only of the current day's schedule but also a few days ahead. He is very organised and even if anything behind the scenes didn't go according to plan we would not have even noticed. He thinks of the finer details on the day but also is always forward thinking of the next few days which is such a skill.

He has great people skills and is such a likable person.
His knowledge and passion for Africa is evident in his enthusiasm and attitude. He is also an amazing cook! He is a real gem and such an asset to your company.

Ben is a wonderful driver and has our safety as his top priority. Some of those roads are quite difficult to manoeuvre but he has this down to a skill. He is always willing to help us when needed, by fixing things that may need to be mended, giving advice, chatting and just hanging out. Not only is he a driver but also Pete's second hand man. They work together so well and both contribute to the successful running of the trip. He is an incredible cook as well!

Ben also has an incredible knowledge and passion for Africa and his job. He is another asset to your company.

I think a big chunk of the reason why I enjoyed this past month so much was due to these two. Nothing is too much for them and they served me so well, and always with a smile!! - Taryn
Taryn went on the Kenya & Tanzania Adventure (13 Days) tour.

I’ve recently returned home from my 7 day Acacia Africa camping overland trip – the African Insight (Northbound) from JHB to Vic Falls (6-12th Sept).

As I stayed on in Southern Africa to visit friends at the conclusion of my tour, it has taken a while to contact Acacia Africa to let you know how FANTASTIC it was. Our tour leader, Remekani (Justin) Phiri and driver, Khumbu went the extra mile to make our African experience all the more enjoyable. From our first meeting to go over the tour schedule in JHB, we were completely at ease and laughing with Justin. On our driving days Justin joined us in the tour truck, Omaruru for card games and his own African trivia. At meal times Justin and Khumbu shared with us their African experiences and delicious recipes. I felt completely safe and excited to experience all of wild Africa with Acacia Africa because of the efforts and enthusiasm of Justin and Khumbu – who even helped me organise complex border-crossing transfers to fly home via Vic Falls airport (Zimbabwe) from Livingstone (Zambia). Everything we asked of our guides was, as us Australians like to say, “no worries”.

I cannot wait to book my next Acacia Africa tour to see the Serengeti NP and Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania; the beaches of Zanzibar; Hwange NP, Lake Kariba and Mana Pools suggested by Justin, who is from Zim; The Okavango Delta and Chobe NP in Botswana; and Etosha NP in Namibia.

Thank you so much for hosting travellers like myself to have the trip of a lifetime. I will miss Africa until the very moment I get to set foot on her soil again soon!
- Nicola from Australia
Nicola from Australia went on the African Insight - Northbound tour.

Thank you so much for everything you did to set this tour up. Acacia Africa was at the right price and comfort level, and very professional. Loved everything about it! I would encourage people to do the one-day rafting trip when in Vic Falls. I would also have preferred two nights of camping in the Delta. It was so special to be there! The driving days were sometimes long, so it might have been nice to get an earlier start and take longer breaks along the way but this might not be for everyone. - Susan Allen-Gill
Susan Allen-Gill went on the Okavango Wilderness Trail (Accommodated) tour.

Our tour was amazing. We had the opportunity to see an incredible amount of wildlife (Big 5, cheetah, wild dog, giraffe, zebra, and much more) in the Kruger. Our campsite outside the gates was also quite nice and equipped with all we needed.

Our stay in Swaziland was also great; we had the opportunity to hike to the top of a hill/mountain to view this beautiful country from above, and it was unique to set up camp so close to the animals.

St. Lucia also seemed lovely, although our stay there was very short. From talking with the river cruise operator, it seems it would be better to do the cruise later in the day when the river is less foggy/hazy.

Our guides, Moyena and Philile, were both amazing. They took exceptional care of everyone on the tour and were quite accommodating.

I certainly will recommend Acacia in the future. - Michael and Nicole
Michael and Nicole went on the Kruger, Swazi & Beach (Accommodated) (7 Days) tour.

Our trip absolutely EXCEEDED our expectations! It truly was a trip of a lifetime! And MAN did we get amazing pictures!! We truly felt that your company did a great job at finding FABULOUS GUIDES. We particularly loved our guides at Kruger, Matobos (oh man, this guide was on another LEVEL!).....and of course LAWRENCE OUR 7 day partner in crime! He was like family to us throughout the trip. I personally loved the "home stay" feel of Nsele. I could have done that every night if that was an option! We appreciated you breaking up our long drives with little stops like the Marula shop and the bush walk with Lawrence.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness in planning such a great adventure. I would recommend you to anyone looking for an excellent safari trip!!

- Jamie and Tom
Jamie and Tom went on the Kruger and Victoria Falls (Accommodated) tour.

I cannot say how amazing the tour actually was. It was perfect, the best experience of my life. I am so happy I chose Acacia!

The people we met on the tour are still our very close friends and we feel so lucky to have met them all.

Now I have to talk to you about the tour guides. We had Krispin and Harmony. These two men are the best team I have ever come across even months later I think of them and have the fondest memories. They were flawless. The food Krispy cooked to the knowledge he had of the areas and just the general warmth and happiness we all felt from him. he made every single person's trip complete. Harmony was our driver and I have never felt safer on tricky roads.

Please, please let them know again that the group they had in February still talk about them and reminisce about all the things we did together. We became one big family and I feel they both felt the same way about it.

I have not stopped promoting Acacia to my friends and family and if anyone I know would ever travel to Africa I would 100% recommend Acacia. Hopefully, they would be lucky enough to have Krispin and Harmony show them around the beautiful continent. But if that is the level of your tour guides then they are in good hands.

We also had the pleasure of getting to know Joe, a new lad that started with Krispin and Harmony, I really hope he is doing well, we got to spend a lot of time with him near the end of the trip and I have n doubt he will follow in Krispins footsteps and be brilliant.

If you do ever have contact with the tour guides and drivers please pass on the whole groups thanks again. Uganda and Kenya tour in February. (hopefully, they remember us all). - Lucia Neilson
Lucia Neilson went on the Magic of the Mountain Gorilla (5 Days) tour.

My name is Jane and I recently travelled with my partner Brandon on the Zanzibar, Victoria Falls & Kruger (22 Days) tour.

Our first leg of the tour from Zanzibar to Victoria Falls was with Crispen, Jo and Harmony and it is this leg that we would like to provide feedback for.

From the onset, we felt genuine kindness, professionalism and attention to detail from Crispen as the tour leader. Our group wasn’t easy to manage, with some younger people on board, and Crispen did exceptionally well to gain attention and ultimately respect from all members of the group. Crispen was particularly helpful for us as we had troubles at the boarders due to a Yellow Fever issue. He was calm and warm, and provided us with much appreciated support during a very stressful and difficult period. Without him, I think our experience would have been quite different. We felt in good hands in a foreign and at times unpredictable continent. By the end, the majority of our group had his quotes printed on our t-shirts, which is a good indication of the positive impact he had on us.

Although Jo was quite shy at the beginning of our tour, by the end of the leg, he was much more at ease and became a great friend to all of us. We had the most amazing food with Jo as the cook! He went out of his way to provide variety and quality that exceeded our expectations, especially at breakfast time. His passion and eagerness was obvious as he prepared meals with love and attention. His communication skills improved as he became more confident with the group however, further practice, with Crispen as a great mentor, will be beneficial for him and his career in the industry. We wish him well and hope that he is able to progress to becoming a tour leader soon.

Harmony, as we stated on our feedback form, made us feel the safest throughout our journey. After having visited Africa we concluded that perhaps the roads were the most dangerous of the trip but felt completely safe and at ease while in the truck with Harmony driving. Having sat at the front of the truck the entire time due to car sickness, we were amazed by his diligence and patience with manoeuvring the very difficult roads. We couldn’t thank him enough for his remarkable attitude and his attention to his work.

These three gentlemen made our trip the best trip we’ve ever had and I hope that they are acknowledged, and perhaps rewarded, for their exceptional customer service, as well as commitment and passion for their work.

I hope this feedback is useful and look forward to hearing from you. - Jane
Jane went on the Zanzibar, Victoria Falls & Kruger (22 Days) tour.

The tour really was awesome, we had a great time with the group and Elton and Small G were great too! The route covered so many great places!

The places that we stayed were all great in their own way, Hazyview was a great campsite and a much higher standard than I expected, Milwane was just an incredible setting with great facilities and St Lucia was a nice change to have a solid roof over our head again.

In terms of the travel, I felt that the stops along the way meant that we were never driving for too long and were all timed really well - most stops were interesting too so were much more than a break from driving.

Overall I felt that there was plenty of time in each place, 2 full day of game drives in Kruger was great and Swaziland was certainly the highlight for us. Visiting the local village and the opportunity to horse ride/ hike were great and it was also the first really opportunity to chill out by the pool during the day which was great for some people.

Both myself and my partner have some of our pictures up on Instagram already which should be tagged. - Alisdair
Alisdair went on the Kruger, Swazi & Beach (7 Days) tour.

Firstly thank you for the experience, I had the most amazing experience, a trip I will never forget.

This was the first time I had traveled on a 'overland tour' and really enjoyed it, I feel that travelling any other way will now be boring. The facilities provided by Acacia made this easier, the tents where great quality and easy to put up and down (coming from a non-camper), I even had a tent on my own. The truck was great, super comfy, big windows great for scenery, music player and big enough for us 7 passengers and the table and kitchen equipment was in great condition.

The campsite's in all locations beat my expectations, some of my favorite included Hazyview (Kruger), Tsipishe, Bulawayo. The only campsite i found below the standard of the others was in Xai Xai, it was quite out of the way and the facilities where not as good.

The Acacia team from the beginning to the end was fantastic! The arrival transfer was really easy to find and even asked me if I wanted to stop at the supermarket, the receptionist at the pre-nights accommodation was helpful in organizing me a day tour for my first day in JNB.

I cannot write enough good things about Shingi and Jairos my driver and tour manager, absolutely incredible and they deserve so much recognition, they are the most hardworking men I have ever met. They where both friendly, funny, knowledgeable, supportive, helpful the entire trip, and Shingi is the best cook I have ever known. They even helped me change my transfer last minute and came to visit me before I left on my last day (even when they had a new group)

All of the optional activities where worth it, especially in Tofo the village visit and quads where fantastic! - Sam
Sam went on the Mozambique and Zimbabwe Explorer (Northbound) (14 Days) tour.

Our trip absolutely EXCEEDED our expectations! It truly was a trip of a lifetime! And MAN did we get amazing pictures!! We truly felt that your company did a great job at finding FABULOUS GUIDES. We particularly loved our guides at Kruger, Matobos (oh man, this guide was on another LEVEL!).....and of course LAWRENCE OUR 7 day partner in crime! He was like family to us throughout the trip. I personally loved the "home stay" feel of Nsele. I could have done that every night if that was an option! We appreciated you breaking up our long drives with little stops like the Marula shop and the bush walk with Lawrence. Thank you for your thoughtfulness in planning such a great adventure. I would recommend you to anyone looking for an excellent safari trip!! - Jamie and Tom
Jamie and Tom went on the Kruger and Victoria Falls (Accommodated) tour.

This trip was just great. We really enjoyed everything about it. Personal highlights were Chobe and the Okavango Delta. The accommodation was always as described and good (even though sometimes a shower inside the room would have been a plus, because it was really cold at night/morning- but this is nothing to really complain about ;-)). Dinner was always really nice, especially when we went Camping in the Delta for one night. We got a three meal course, which was amazing and I wouldn't have expected that in the middle of nowhere :)
So everything was amazing, but the real "highlight" was our tourguide :-) Lawrence was the guide and he is one of the nicest and kindest persons, I've ever met. He is so organized and tried everything he could to make us happy. He drove us safely through Botswana, knew so many interesting facts about animals etc. and also was really funny :-) we had such a great time with him and I think the whole group enjoyed his company. Even when one girl in our group couldn't get back into South Africa because of her Visa (that extended, so it was her fault), he did everything he could and managed the situation really well.

So all in all it was a great experience with lots of unforgettable memories.

- Laura & Lars
Laura & Lars went on the Okavango Wilderness Trail (Accommodated) tour.

I just finished the overland camping trip from Cape Town to Victoria Falls/Livingstone. Amazing!! The guide and driver - yo Big Sam! - were great, nothing was too much trouble and they really worked hard to make sure we all had an incredible time. The itinerary was perfect, we got to see and do so many amazing things - the Okavango Delta, dune 45, sandboarding, skydiving, Chobe National Park, Vic Falls... I could name so much more! And the campsites were incredible, think watching shooting stars on a huge rock in the middle of nowhere, or camping literally next to a elephant watering hole with no fences around you! If you have doubts about camping please don't - the mattresses were A LOT more comfy than i expected, the tents were HUGE and i had hot showers most of the time! And the FOOD. I definitely put on a few kgs. Overall it was an incredible experience with an amazing group of people that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend! Thanks acacia!
- Lucy
Lucy went on the Desert Tracker (19 Days) tour.

The highlight of our tour to Victoria Falls was our excellent guide Simon. He really went above and beyond to keep us happy and safe. Simon's enthusiasm is infectious, he is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about show what Southern Africa has to offer. We had an unavoidable change of itinerary due to the political situation in Zimbabwe and Simon was able to keep us well informed and make alternate arrangements.

The tour itself was a great way for us to see Kruger, Botswana and Victoria Falls. There are some long days driving but the spectacular views of Victoria Falls are worth it.

The accommodation is adequate, with the first 2 nights at Nsele Lodge a highlight. The host are very welcoming and the food amazing.

We would recommend Acacia Africa to anyone looking for a guided tour in Africa.

- David
David went on the Kruger and Victoria Falls (Accommodated) tour.

"My journey, both on and offline, has been far more emotional and personal than I ever expected it would be...overall it has been a fantastic journey physically and mentally. Without a doubt, Africa beats Asia hands down and it has been the best 6 weeks of my life...I came. I found myself. I left my heart in Africa." - Toni
Toni went on the Cape Town to Kenya (41 Days) tour.

I have had a few friends travel Africa over the years with most of them have some part of their travels with Acacia - all had provided me with good reviews which is why we choose Acacia in the first place. However, a holiday is as only as good as you make it and Riaan and Julianna definitely made it for me!

Thanks for such a fantastic, memorable and definitely life changing experience. I will have no hesitation in recommending Acacia to anyone that is travelling to Africa. - Kim
Kim went on the Game Parks and Gorillas (28 Days) tour.

The whole tour was fantastic Sammy and Tony’s enthusiasm, organization and knowledge on the road was outstanding. They are true asset to Acacia! - Nikky

Everything was brilliant. Hanco and Richard made this tour so much fun. Thank you for a memorable time of my life! I will be back! - Jodine

Everything from the truck, food and tour guides was 10 times better than expected. Such an amazing wonderful experience! Thank you! - Emma

Tj and Lauren made this trip. They were utterly professional and competent. In countries/areas that could be unsafe their presence made the entire trip safe and sure. I can’t praise them enough! - Howard

We’ve had the time of our lives on board – and all thanks for the tireless enthusiasm. I can’t believe how organized and informative this tour was! Thank you so much Marietjie and Patrick for a life time memory. - Liz

Absolutely fantastic! Much better than expected! I will definitely recommend Acacia to others. - Harvey
Harvey went on the Cape Town to Kenya (41 Days) tour.

I have travelled in many countries and Africa is far the most dynamic + exciting yet. The tour was incredible and was made fabulous by Chantel and Jaco. They have the most amazing drive, enthusiasm and is able to keep us in line and on time. Thank you both for a memorable and exciting adventure! - Bridget
Bridget went on the Ultimate African Adventure (46 Days) tour.

The tour has been absolutely fantastic – in part due to the great group but also because the organisation and Acacia’s involvement! - Tony

Absolutely loved the tour! It was recommended by friends, and I have no regret travelling with Acacia Africa. A truly amazing company! Thanks so much for a great trip! - Kei

This trip exceeded all my expectations. I owe this mainly to our tour leader Chantel whose enthusiasm for her job and her love for Africa made this trip. Jaco was a bundle of knowledge and very informative and fun! I have had a trip of a life time and I owe it to the both of them. - Mark
Mark went on the Ultimate African Adventure (39 Days) tour.

We loved all the information and activities – won’t travel with anyone else as a company in Africa. The guidance and participation was to a high standard. Thank you both for an amazing 13 days! - Barrie

The trip was great fun and far better than we ever expected. Very organized and the campsites were great. Thanks Marietjie and Patrick for an amazing trip! - Cicily

A wonderful experience which was challenging, but well organized and executing! Thank you for the most memorable tour! - Elizabeth
Elizabeth went on the Zanzibar to Kilimanjaro (17 Days) tour.

Thank you so much Emma and Letaloi for a fantastic trip! Emma and Letaloi went above and beyond their duties on the road to make us all have a fantastic trip! - Kathryn
Kathryn went on the Zanzibar, Victoria Falls & Kruger (22 Days) tour.

Brilliant experience, Lauren and TJ’s enthusiasm + people skills really made the experience better + couldn’t ask for better guides. Thank you so much! - Cari

Thank you so much for everything you did to set this tour up. Acacia Africa was at the right price and comfort level, and very professional. Loved everything about it! I would encourage people to do the one-day rafting trip when in Vic Falls. I would also have preferred two nights of camping in the Delta. It was so special to be there! The driving days were sometimes long, so it might have been nice to get an earlier start and take longer breaks along the way but this might not be for everyone. - Susan Allen-Gill
Susan Allen-Gill went on the Okavango Wilderness Trail (Accommodated) tour.

I really enjoyed the tour. Lucas
Henrik were fantastic leaders explaining things well and were brilliant cooks! The people in the group and the leaders really made it very enjoyable! - Marie

The tour has been superb. I can’t believe how much we’ve done for the value of money. Thank you for such a great time! - Chris

This was my first adventure and I must say it was an experience I’ll never forget. The tour was great meeting all my expectations. Sincere gratitude goes to our crew for making my journey so enjoyable. Thank you for the memories and I will be back soon to embark on my next adventure through Africa. - Kristen
Kristen went on the South East Adventure (24 Days) tour.

Fantastic trip – Awesome guides, great itinerary. Food was amazing and I ate way too much- thanks Riaan and Juliana. I am truly impressed by my guides both were friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, caring, interesting, funny, approachable and genuine. Having such amazing guides make a good trip great! They are a true credit to Acacia! - Emma
Emma went on the South East Adventure (31 Days) tour.

Thank you very much for an experience of a life time. Acacia rocks! - Andrew
Andrew went on the Zanzibar to Kilimanjaro (17 Days) tour.

Marietjie you are a star! Your cooking + guiding has been amazing right throughout the tour. You added another dimension to Africa! Thank you for your advise + stories. Africa would not have been the same without you! - Tracey

I’ve had a absolutely fantastic time away with Acacia. It’s the first time I’ve done anything like this, but it won’t be the last! - Kelly
Kelly went on the Highlights of Tanzania (North) (11 Days) tour.

An amazing adventure – the best thing I’ve done. Feel very fortunate to have had Riaan and Juliana as tour leaders- have felt looked after, safe and well guided. Would recommend Acacia for sure! - Kelly
Kelly went on the Kenya & Tanzania Adventure (13 Days) tour.

The Gorilla tour was incredible! I’ve had a really good time and I have felt safe, informed and organized to the best degree… Thanks for an amazing experience! - Olivia
Olivia went on the Game Parks and Gorillas (28 Days) tour.

I am extremely impressed by the wealth of knowledge the crew Sammy and Tony gave whilst on tour and the gorilla trek was truly amazing and surpassed all expectations. I would definitely travel with Acacia again! - Billie
Billie went on the Troop to the Gorillas (6 Days) tour.

TJ is an awesome cook and keeps the group well fed. Lauren can straighten her hair and talk the ear off a cob of corn, life of the party! Both were extremely easy to get along with, very professional and very helpful and informative. This tour has been a delightful experience! - Bob
Bob went on the Gorilla Encounter (14 Days) tour.

Sammy and Tony were superb! They gave all of their efforts to help above and beyond what is expected and with always a smile on their faces. Thanks for a fantastic trip! - Alex

This was easily the best trip of my life and I will never forget it! I have seen so much and learnt so much including making great friends. This is mainly due to the excellent crew Fiona and Jaco. The way they looked after all of us and made the trip so awesome meant that everyone felt ‘part’ of a fantastic family. Thank you so much Acacia! - Ben
Ben went on the East African Explorer (21 Days) tour.

It has been such a pleasure to be part of this tour and in particular to get to know Sammy and Tony. They are absolute assets to Acacia, and are the pinnacle of professionalism yet at the same time very approachable and friendly. Thank you sincerely for such a fantastic trip! - Chris
Chris went on the South West Safari (25 Days) tour.

The chosen highlights were absolutely amazing and the campsites were really nice. Thanks for such a wonderful experience. It was definitely one in a life time! - Michelle
Michelle went on the Mountain Gorillas to the Mara (18 Days) tour.

A fantastic well rounded tour with a great mix of safari’s, cultural, geographical sights and highlights. Excellent organization and amazing crew members. I would highly recommend using Acacia again! - Victoria
Victoria went on the Kenya to Cape Town (43 Days) tour.

Marietjie and Patrick are both very good at what they do. Thank you for a truly amazing and memorable trip! - Claire
Claire went on the Desert Tracker (25 Days) tour.

Henrik had fantastic attention to detail and was always very happy. A very well run tour. Thank you Henrik for all the information given and it was great to have you sitting in the back with us! - Catherine

Lauren and TJ are an awesome team – very welcoming, helpful, friendly and they clearly enjoy their jobs. They made my trip.. Thank you so much! - Claire

BRILLIANT TRIP! Everyone from Acacia has been awesome. Jaco and Fiona are legends! Their enthusiasm for Africa and Overlanding set the atmosphere for the whole trip. I will definitely be coming back! - Nigel
Nigel went on the South West Safari (19 Days) tour.

Richard and Hanco have made this No: 1 of the best experiences of my life. They are amazing guys who have been entertaining, knowledgeable, helpful and generous the whole entire tour. Thanks you so much for this amazing experience! - Jo
Jo went on the Desert Tracker (19 Days) tour.

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