A Land of Mountains
Lesotho (le-soo-too) is called Southern Africa's ‘kingdom in the sky’ for a good reason. This stunningly beautiful, mountainous country is a landlocked country in southern Africa, entirely surrounded by South Africa and it is a fascinating travel detour from its larger neighbour.

The country is just over 30,000 kilometers squared in size, and has a population of approximately 2,067,000. Its capital and largest city is Maseru.

The ‘lowland’ areas (all of which are still above 1000m) offer some craft shopping and dinosaur footsteps, while the highlands in the northeast and centre feature towering peaks (over 3000m) and verdant valleys which offers superb mountain scenery, proud traditional people, endless hiking trails, and the chance to explore remote areas on Basotho ponies.
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"This was a real cultural experience getting to meet the traditional people living in the highlands"

"I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to visit Lesotho. This was a real cultural experience getting to meet the traditional people living in the highlands and seeing the amazing mountain scenery. "

Anna went on our Kruger, Swazi & Drakensberg (13 Days) in January 2018.

Lesotho - natural beauty, rugged terrain, rich local culture and traditions

Enjoy the views from Lesotho's mountains and get involved with the locals to learn about their culture
Rugged Scenery Of Mountainous Lesotho
Malealea Horseback Band
Exploring Lesotho On Horseback
Malealea Lesotho Winter Snow
Child In Winter Snow Lesotho
Malealea Lesotho Pony Trek
Lesotho Mountain Village
Sani Pass 2873 Meters
Breath Taking Drive Through The Sani Pass
Sani Top Pub Highest In Africa
Sani Top Chalets
Sunset On Lesotho Villagers

Lesotho is for you if...

You want to see breathtaking mountain views
You'd like to meet fascinating local people
You want to tick off being in the highest country in Africa
You've never been on a pony trek

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