Responsible Tourism

Much of the beauty of Africa adventure is experiencing the local cultures, inspiring landscapes and majestic wildlife. As an experienced operator, Acacia understands the impact tourism can have ‘in destination’, and knows the importance of supporting local cultures, communities and environments. The support given to local communities is evident to all clients.

Acacia’s select team of tour leaders, drivers, and local independently owned specialists offer clients ‘face to face’experiences with Africa and insights into local communities. Acacia has strong ties with suppliers, colleagues and selected African charities.


Soft Power Project

Soft Power Education (SPE) is a British registered charity and Ugandan NGO working with communities in Uganda to improve quality of life through education.

Soft Power Education related to 5 major key areas:
Refurbishment of Primary Schools - providing clean, safe and inspiring learning environments. Education Centres - fun, dynamic learning centres to complement class based learning for our partner schools. Community Development Programme - extending the potential of the education centres to adult learning. Partnerships - through partnerships bringing conservation to the classroom. Special Needs Project - promoting inclusion of children with special needs. Providing ongoing training and support for teachers and families

Meserani Snake Park

The Snake Park was established in 1993, when BJ, Lynn (Ma) and Wade Bale along with good friend Deon Naude settled in Meserani after moving up from South Africa. They support the local community in many ways, providing a free medical clinic for up to 1000 patients per month and a home for four orphans, the park is involved in various other projects around the community, such as building knew classrooms at a local school and overseeing the running of an adult education centre.

The Snake Park currently provides employment for approximately 50 local people.

The snake park is a special treasure of Arusha, a wonderful source of enjoyment and relaxation for locals and foreign visitors.
The snake park is located 25km west of Arusha on the route to the Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater.
The snake park provides various activities, take a guided tour and learn about some of the most dangerous snakes in the world, from the Black and Green Mamba, Egyptian Cobra, Puff Adders and many more. Capture your special moment and hold a real live snake. Check out the 3m plus crocodiles at feeding time and touch a baby crocodile.
You can also enjoy your personal Maasai guide who will take you on a spectacular tour of the Maasai Cultural Museum, to jumping on a camel and going on safari to the local village.
Visit the Free Education Centre, where the local Maasai have the opportunity to learn how to read and write and further their education in many different ways.
Meserani Snake Park also runs a free medical health clinic, that provides care for local people with over a 1000 patients per month.
After all your activities, relax and enjoy a fully equipped campsite and barbecue area and a fully stocked bar, which has become legendary around the world.

Kalahari Bushman Walk

Why Visit Zelda's Guest Farm.....Due to enormous economic and social pressures, the San lifestyle and culture has been all but destroyed. This amazing farm caters for visitors wishing to have a genuine glimpse of this fast disappearing unique and ancient culture. We offer a number of activities to interact with the San/Bushman, and to discover how the San/Bushman survived in the Kalahari.

The San/Bushman have few educational skills to survive total domination by Western political and social culture. Zelda's Guest Farm offers them an opportunity to utilise their own specialised skills in a work environment at which they are totally at home. Your support of this ecotourism venture gives the San/Bushman a sustainable income and helps keep their culture alive.

Accompany a small band of Bushman, with an interpreter, as they go about a number of their traditional activities:
Awake to the birdcalls of the Kalahari and prepare yourself for another day in the bushveld.
Your guides will be the San/Bushman women. Accompanied by an interpreter, they will give you a glimpse of how the San adapted to the Kalahari Desert, by gathering an astounding array of edible foods, medicinal roots, and other veld products.

Traditional dancing with the San:
Witness the ancient dancing rituals of the San. These dances are not only a celebration of life but are also a means of passing on historic folklore from generation to generation.
The dances have probably not changed in the last 20 000 years of San/Bushman culture


Add a tree to your bill to help compensate for the carbon you'll be using on your trip! Your tree will be planted by Greenpop as part of its urban greening and reforestation projects in Southern Africa. Once your tree has been planted, you will receive a certificate with the GPS co-ordinates, so that you'll know exactly where it's growing!

Greenpop is a social enterprise that greens under-greened areas and combats deforestation in Southern Africa.

By planting trees together with school children and members of underprivileged communities, Greenpop aims to spread environmental awareness and encourage people to take ownership of trees. They believe that greening can be more fun, popular, and accessible to all. Greenpop was founded in 2010, and has planted over 17,000 trees in over 200 beneficiary schools, creches, community centres, and deforested areas in South Africa and Zambia.

Once you have made a booking you will be able to add a tree to your bill. If you want to do, complete the form here and our reservations team will be in contact with you to add this to your booking.

SAVE - Cape Town

South Africa Volunteer Experience (SAVE) is a registered non-profit Organization (NPO #088 104) that assists, develops and uplifts the local disadvantaged communities in and around Blauberg, Cape Town. SAVE works predominantly in the Dunoon Township and the farming settlements in the Blauberg area. Our aim is to create sustainable development projects that alleviate poverty in our communities.

What SAVE Does?
· Runs three educare centres for 75 pre-school children
· Supports three educare centres with volunteers and donations, as well as a school for disabled children
· Runs an adventure club for grade 6
7 children at Visserhok School, teaching them maths and English during school hours, and how to swim and surf after school
· Worked with the community to start township tours as a means of job creation and income creation for the community
· Teaches business skills and provides micro-loans for people to start small businesses
· Hands out donated food and clothing to the neediest in the community

How Can You Help?
The shacks these people live in are bitterly cold during winter and most cannot afford proper blankets and warm clothing. We are in desperate need of donations of:
· Unwanted blankets, sleeping bags, and pillows.
· Unwanted warm clothing – jumpers, hoodies, etc

SAVE works with the community leaders to distribute donations to the neediest members of the community, in particular, families with young children. A good quality sleeping bag could make the difference between life and death for a young child.
If you are travelling on one of our trucks and finishing your trip in Cape Town, please consider donating any unwanted clothing, blankets and sleeping bags at the end of your tour. Just let your tour leader know and we will drop them off at our offices.