Ngwenya Glass factory, Swaziland

There is a terrain of mountains encircling Swaziland, resembling a crocodile, and as the base of this mountain lies the world’s most ancient iron ore mine dating back 43000 years – here you will find the quaint town of Ngwenya and its band of skilled and inspiring Swazi craftsmen and women. This gifted group of artisans shape and mould glass into various animal species, breathing life into their creations with amazing personalities. While Ngwenya Glass Factory has been a success story since 1987, it is also a friend of the environment, with all glass pieces made from recycled glass collected throughout Swaziland. Not only are people encouraged to collect glass to recycle, but Ngwenya works with local schools and groups raising awareness about environmental concerns and the importance of caring for the planet, with school children participating in road-side clean-up campaigns.

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